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A Guide To Growing Up

Friday April 29, 1:30 pm

SIFF Uptown 1
511 Queen Anne Avenue North

Life is hard. But it’s also beautiful! These films merge the tragic and comedic moments of our youth into poignant stories of growing up in the world today. With this handy guide, you’ll be able to answer the question of “what is the meaning of life?” (answer: tacos, of course).*

*This screening may not be suitable for all ages.

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Michael Aloyan – 22

California, USA

On the brink of adulthood, a young man is forced to confront the different parts of who he is and choose which version of himself he will be as an adult.



Malte Buster Risgaard Brænder – 17, Anna Celina Zein – 16, Mathias Amsinck Kalhauge – 16


Can revenge truly be just? When Anders finally gets the opportunity to get revenge on his bully, who has tyrannized him for years, will he be able to do what is right or will his actions bring explosive consequences?


In the Path of My Father

RaSeph Wright – 13, Paulina Suira – 12, Sia Li Wright – 11, Abubakr Uqdah – 14

Washington DC, USA

A deeply-personal story of two brothers growing up in DC without their father, and how relationships with their family, peers, community leaders, and the arts have helped them cope and build new beginnings on their road to adulthood.


If Death Were Kind

Megan Fleming – 21, Austin Blankenau – 22, Dylan Adams – 23

Nebraska, USA

When Michael Thanatos wakes up in a strange hallway full of doors. As he tries to open the doors to escape, he realizes it’s a confusing limbo with no exit.



Hudson Bloom – 21

Colorado, USA

A story about high school drama, revenge, and following your dreams.



Kit Zauhar – 19

New York, USA

Two streams of consciousness collide in a college library in New York.

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