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A Guide To Growing Up

Friday April 26, 9:30 pm

SIFF Uptown 2
511 Queen Anne Avenue North

Remember your first job? Or your first kiss? You will now. Relive the moments, good and bad, that make the years of your youth so memorable.

Screening may not be suitable for all ages.

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Rebecca Hawkins – Age 21
Chad Corhan – Age 20
Kyle Brawley – Age 22

A young man meets a mysterious man in black who leads him back to relive his missed opportunities.


Where Are You From?

Samantha Jensen – Age 17

A monologue piece dictating the difficulties of living in a farm town and trying to fit in with city  folk.


Sign Duty

Laura Holliday – Age 19

Kyle has the worst job in the world, spinning a sign on the street that advertises a fruit shack. The only thing good about it is getting to watch The Pretty Red Headed Girl walk by everyday. Kyle and his buddy Lars attempt to guess what cooler, better job she has.


Dear Student

Michael Wasney – Age 17

Dear Student follows a nameless protagonist, who is plagued by a sudden panic attack when confronted with a college admission letter from the university of his dreams. He flees his judgmental parents for the refuge of woods and park lands in his city, and there he contemplates opening the letter.



Drew Angle – Age 21

A young man bicycles down the highway to visit a woman many miles away. A rock pops his tire and the man engages in a conversation with the rock, discouraging him from traveling to see the girl. He sells the bike and purchases a ticket home.


Love, Jason

Jared March – Age 17

Everyone has an embarrassing parents, but no one has a father quite like Jason’s.


On The Fence

Ruby Drake – Age 15

To avoid being discovered by his girlfriend’s mom, a teenager must make his way across other people’s backyards to get home.


The Perfect Drink

Joshua Gannon – Age 22

John must find the best alcoholic drink for him to have so he can finally talk to Amy. But will it work?


The Letter

Kora Vanderlip – Age 15

Jesse Miles has been trapped in a routine life for as long as he can remember.  When an opportunity arises to follow his dream, he must make a choice that will change his life forever.


Margot, Come Home

Kim Sanchez – 20

In this deadpan comedy our offbeat protagonist, Margot Stray, struggles to return home after distancing herself from her family.


Unicorn Boy

Kristen Harding – Age 22
New York

A teenage boy grows a majestic unicorn horn from a zit on his forehead. Will the unicorn horn help him win over the girl he is in love with?

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