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Animate Your World

Sunday April 28, 3:00 pm

SIFF Uptown 2
511 Queen Anne Avenue North

These colorful shorts could make a rainbow look monochromatic. Enter the creative minds of some incredible young artists as they experiment with different artistic techniques. From stop motion pictures to claymation, all of these films are completely unique!

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Day Shift

Ian Timothy – Age 18

A short stop motion animation about an industrial worker’s dreary day shift that takes a surprise turn.


We Are All Running

Ashleigh Vrajlal – Age 17
Olivia Simpson – Age 17
Xuxu Baylis-Wang – Age 17
Bri Ferguson – Age 17

A young girl decides to get away from her home and be independent. However, she soon discovers being alone is not all it’s cracked up to be, and as the city presents her with its many challenges, she realizes she can’t get through life on her own.


Call of Farqunglu

Kris Theorin – Age 15
Kurtis Theorin – Age 19

An H.P. Lovecraft parody filmed using stop motion animation. The Cult of Farqunglu gathers to unleash an ancient evil onto the world. A group of plucky investigators fight to stop them. But even if they win, will they be prepared to face the wrath of civil litigation?


Je m’appelle Nathan

Benoit Berthe – Age 22

A little boy is troubled by a paper bird locked in his own head.



Sangeun Song – Age 22

A girl wants to play like a wild animal wearing a mask but her mom doesn’t let her.  She secretly gets the mask and goes to the jungle but she is in danger.



Pencil en Pointe

Vivian Lu – Age 17

Pencil, paper, and a timeless dance genre unite in this animated study.


A Troubled Cow Confides in You

Peter Tucker – Age 15

A cow only days away from the slaughter house contemplates the meaning of life.


Mowglis Dream

Pranay Patwardhan – Age 21

A truly mesmerizing track by TinyType and Indi Kaur that transports itself and the listener into a journey of silhouettes, shadows, stories and dreams whilst delivering cutting edge and well written music.


Pirates of The Indian Ocean

United Kingdom

It’s all hands on deck to save our pirates of the airwaves. Clumsy but lovable DJ duo Mankind and Small-Steps have built a devoted following to their pirate radio show. Raging against the machine in their own inimitable style, will they reach the top of radio programming or be caught on the wrong side of the law before they reach their dream?


Finding Erica Jones

Natalie Markiles – Age 17

A down-on-his-luck detective searches for a missing girl in this noir film animation.


I Want to See the Big, Wide World

Isabel Garrett – Age 21

A short stop motion animation for children about a creature called Lolo, who lives in a cave with his mother. Curious about the outside world he decides to explore, and discovers more than he expected.


The Collector

Zachary Green – Age 20

The Collector tells the story of a run down old robot that must “collect” in order to have the energy to survive.



Travis Chen – Age 16

A team of robots lands on a foreign planet to undertake a specialized mission. Unfortunately, when it’s time to leave, one robot gets left behind.


Carrot Crave

Vernon James Manlapaz – Age 22

A hungry rabbit tries everything to pull a big carrot out of the ground.


Kachho Gadulo

Pranay Patwardhan – Age 21

Kachho Gadulo is a story about the vibrant and diverse culture of India, as seen through a young child’s free and beautiful imagination.

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