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Bring The Kids

Saturday April 30, 11:30 am

SIFF Uptown 1
511 Queen Anne Avenue North

Fun for the whole family! Skip the Saturday morning cartoons and explore the magical world of all-ages cinema. Inspire your kids with these films made by talented young filmmakers from near and far. Spoiler alert: these films are awesome!

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Tooter Anon

Tooter Anon

Isabella Cuevas Pierson – 18

Washington, USA

If you smelt it, you must have dealt it.

Mans Best Friend

Mans’ Best Friend

Herschey Liss – 12

California, USA

When Jack’s dog dies, his dad buys him a toy dog to ease the pain, and Jack discovers a new best friend.


Le Mime Chantant

Dexter Gardner – 13

California, USA

Living in a family of mimes, a young girl dreams of a new life.


Lost Boy

Ella Fields – 12

California, USA

A girl is surprised to be greeted one night by Peter Pan. He takes her off to Neverland, where a child is promised to never grow up, but have you ever wondered why the children never grow up?


The Memory of Love

Jonah Mazer – 13, Teddy Nissen – 14, Alexandra Torres – 13, Ethan Howard – 13

California, USA

Peter Whitlock has always loved Amanda, but when he returns from home from WWII and learns she is married to someone else, he loses faith in love.

Sorry to Say 3

Sorry To Say…

Theo Taplitz – 12

California, USA

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just aren’t going to get your homework done.

Once Upona Time in the Kitchen

Once Upon A Time In The Kitchen

Isabella Cuevas Pierson – 18, Sofia Cuevas Pierson – 15

Washington, USA

One piece of toast. Two sisters. One big problem.



Zoe Calamar – 13

California, USA

Ollie is just a regular guy looking for love, finding it in a most unexpected place.

vacation home

Vacation Home

Saunder Boyle – 16, Elizabeth Cassell – 18, Caroline Cox – 16, Brynn Jefferson – 16, Oliver Schwartz – 18, Tilden Lexa – 18, Ryan Beard – 16, Sanders Evans – 16

Virginia, USA

While on vacation, a family finds themselves on a hunt for the origins of an urn and its contents.



Zenzele Moore Ysaguirre – 12

California, USA

Sometimes people just can’t help themselves when they see something fabulous!

Then Again

Then Again

Brianna Platt – 13


When an annoying classmate falls in the lake, Lucy ponders whether he’s worth saving.


The Thief

Kristine Rande – 24, Bjarte Haugen – 24, √ėyvind Saugerud – 37


A story of two sweet children as they experience grief and loss in different ways.

Sometimes Maybe

Sometimes, Maybe

Cole Bacani – 17

Illinois, USA

While packing for college one evening, Anna stumbles upon a mysterious letter that seems to hold her back.



Riley Doyle – 17, Cynthia Thomas – 17, Agatha Ryan – 18

Connecticut, USA

On a sad and gloomy day, sat the lonesome Martha May.

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