National Film Festival for Talented Youth | Seattle Youth Film Festival | Student Film Festival


Saturday April 30, 7:00 pm

SIFF Uptown 1
511 Queen Anne Avenue North

If NFFTY was a solar system, these films would be the Sun; the core providing energy to the rest of the planets in motion. At the center of it all, these films radiate deeply human emotions; the desire to feel, the ability to forgive, and the need to escape. Bring a tissue and bring a friend, you’ll be entralled until the very end!*

*This screening may not be suitable for all ages.

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Brit Wigintton – 22, Grey Clawson – 21, Kayla Jane Adams – 21, Zack Hetlage – 21

Georgia, USA

When Violet finds herself living in a refuge for runaway girls in the backwoods of Georgia, she realizes that nothing is as perfect as it seems. In order to save her “sisters,” she makes a decision that could change their lives forever.

Reincarnation Inc. Still

Reincarnation Inc.

Hadley Hillel – 19

California, USA

At Reincarnation Inc., the office that every living thing is sent to after death to determine its next life, a deceased 24-year-old man must use his few good deeds to convince his rebirth broker that he deserves to be more than a cockroach in his next life.


Samantha Moonley’s Greatest Feeling

Garrett Kennell – 22, David Light – 22, Janelle DeChancie – 21, Christina Gonzalez – 21

California, USA

A life devoid of feeling and emotion forces Samantha Moonley to embark on a journey to prove that she is not an android.

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For You

Claire Imler – 16, Dan Lesser – 17

California, USA

A young girl struggles growing up without a father as she follows into his footsteps.


Exit Chip

Joshua Thornton-Allan – 21, Alex Du Cuffa – 23, Isabella Dowden – 21


Edward wants to leave everything behind without leaving anyone behind. The discovery of a mysterious device known as an Exit Chip offers him the opportunity he’s been looking for.



Anupama Hiregoudar – 19, Joel Singh Negi – 19, Robin Chakraborty – 19, Punit Gor – 19, Shakti Soni – 19, Sonal Jadhav – 19


Journey to a magical land as Mr. Philip narrates his epic adventures to kids at a hospital. When unusual events start taking place, we discover that the adventures are more than just bedtime stories.


Some Monsters

Katelyn Walker – 21, Jordan Durham – 21, Kevin Galloway – 20, Julia Pamies – 20

Pennsylvania, USA

A caring father attempts to restore harmony in his family after his daughter is raped by a man on her school swim team.


Table For Two

Harrison Macks – 24, J.P. Stiles – 24

California, USA

During dinner, two old friends argue over a beautiful girl across the restaurant, unaware of a bomb ticking away underneath their table.

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