National Film Festival for Talented Youth | Seattle Youth Film Festival | Student Film Festival


Saturday April 27, 8:00 pm

SIFF Uptown 1
511 Queen Anne Avenue North

At NFFTY, the cream rises to the center. Explore the rich, visceral environments created by these fantastic films, discover new integers, and sing along with the inspirational songs of a high school kid who sings out about being bullied.

Screening may not be suitable for all ages.

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The Secret Number

Colin Levy – Age 22

Doctor Simon Tomlin, a psychiatrist in a mental hospital, has a disturbing conversation with one of his patients – a brilliant mathematician named Ersheim, who intends to prove the existence of a secret integer between three and four. When Ersheim mysteriously disappears from the hospital, Tomlin realizes that their fates are deeply entwined.


Free Pie

Caleb Slain – Age 22

A traumatic comedy about life, death, pie, and death.



Samuel Ryan Willey – Age 22

A man finds hope in the hopeless.


Lost and Found

Chase Crittenden – Age 16

A film about the strains on a relationship between a father and a daughter when the mother is gone under strange circumstances.  And what a person would do to find what was lost – and then found.


Strawberry Blonde

Andrea Sand Gustavson – 22
Johanna is babysitting her younger sister Marion as their mother is throwing a garden party for her neighbors and friends. A man at the party notices Johanna, and with sexual confusion, she takes advantage of his interest.


Dewey – The Musical

Magnus B. Bjørlo Lysbakken- Age 19

Dewey has grown indifferent towards his own and others’ situation after being bullied for years for the way he talks – he can’t help but sing instead of speaking normally. Today is his first day at a new school, and he’s already being laughed at by the entire class. However, in a strange turn of events his constant singing causes Biff, the leader of the bullies, to be ridiculed in front of a large group of fellow students.

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