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Edge Of Your Seat

Saturday April 30, 10:00 pm

SIFF Uptown 1
511 Queen Anne Avenue North

Legend has it that every year, the ghost of Hitchcock comes to this screening just to see the creepiest, darkest films that NFFTY has to offer. Hide your kids, hide your wives (or husbands), because these thrillers will take you on a wild, hair-raising ride!*

*This screening may not be suitable for all ages.

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Heart Strings

Heart Strings

Julia Jones – 20

Tennessee, USA

A struggling insomniac is forced to confront her troubled past when a small red string emerges from under her fingernail. As her oblivious boyfriend pulls it out of her, she finds herself unravelling… literally.


The Fawn Response

Wynter Rhys – 16

Washington, USA

Two serial killers meet over coffee when they realize they’ve targeted the same victim.



Stephen Boyer – 18

California, USA

Four teenagers go searching for a lost dog at an abandoned nuclear research facility and make a deadly discovery.



Morgana McKenzie – 16


Desperate measures are taken to escape a violent world concealed within an isolated cottage.



Ella Fields – 12

California, USA

Mary reluctantly attends a sleepover with her new friends, but fully regrets it when they pull out a book of ghost stories. As they read from the book, Mary begins to recognize events from a haunting she has been experiencing. Now, only Mary knows what will happen next, and she’s not looking forward to it.

Crap You 2 - Taplitz

Crap You!

Theo Taplitz – 12

California, USA

Ask not for whom the raven craps, it craps for you.



Kelly Morton – 18, Ethan Seneker – 18

California, USA

A surreal recount of a young love story.


The Boy at the Window

Chester Milton – 15

California, USA

When a mysterious boy keeps appearing at a neighbor’s window, a teenage girl is compelled to find out what’s going on.



Amber Karnish – 17

Arkansas, USA

He’s always watching. One young girl is found traumatized after an encounter with the supernatural and effects go beyond that of normal.


The Funspot

Jake Hammond – 20, Nicola Newton – 20, Chloe Lind – 22, Paula Andrea Gonzalez – 20

Florida, USA

An angsty young boy, stuck at his little sister’s birthday party, encounters a malevolent presence hiding within the ball pit of a sprawling indoor playground.

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