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For The Love Of The Sport

Saturday April 27, 4:30 pm

SIFF Uptown 2
511 Queen Anne Avenue North

Ready, set, action! Strap on your boots and tighten your chinstrap, because you’re about to embark on a wild ride of action sports, extreme activities, and heated competition.

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Matthew Clark Mulligan – Age 22

A short visual exploration of the progressing seasons through the lens of a group of adventure sports enthusiasts.


My Life Downhill

Shane McElroy – Age 20

This film is about the meditative lifestyle that comes with downhill skateboarding.


Paddle Away

Nathan Dethlefsen – Age 18

What will happen when paddle replaces surf?


Pursuing Passion

Evan Berg – Age 20

A 10 minute documentary film following aspiring professional skier, Cameron Smith, on his road to making his passion into his profession.


Wild Souls

Philippe Ryan-Giroux – Age 22

There exists a fine line between dementia and deep concentration; the key element is not to lose yourself. For a young trials rider, the obsession to constantly outperform gets disrupted when he loses control over his passion.



Justin Kauffman – Age 19
Kolin Quick-Gunther – Age 19

Capture showcases the fluidity of multiple action sports through professional athletes
performing in their own environment. It is shot in a variety of locations ranging from the
backcountry of the Rocky Mountains to the late night streets of Seattle.


Shred It

Lane McCall – Age 17

Follow Lane McCall into the intense and fast world of BMX and ArenaCross in this an action sports video that will keep your heart pounding with unbelievable jumps and white knuckle turns. Do you think you have what it takes to Shred It?


My Life: Parkour

Griffin Coxen – Age 14

In this action sport short, follow Matt as he jumps, climbs, and rolls through different obstacles to the beat of the music.


On The Line

Alex Grossman – Age 16
Colin Johnson – Age 16

A documentary focusing on the 2012 clash between two rival high school football teams – the Menlo Knights and Sacred Heart Prep Gators – in Atherton, California, with the league championship on the line. The story is told from the Menlo team’s perspective, and documents the passion and emotional intensity associated with the “big game.”

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