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Happy Hour Shorts

Friday April 29, 5:30 pm

SIFF Uptown 1
511 Queen Anne Avenue North

Beer provided by Fremont Brewing

Don’t worry, be happy! Turn that frown upside down with free beer and free smiles courtesy of this upbeat, groovy selection of shorts. Beer tasting starts at 5:30pm. Films start at 6:30pm. Tasting included with Film Ticket and ID. Cheers to the weekend!

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Music Box

Amy West – 20

New Mexico, USA

A naive teenager struggles with her conflicting ideas of purity and prying sexual curiosity in The Maya Spectra’s debut music video.


Two-stroked: A Love Story

Jacqui Carriere – 21

Massachusetts, USA

Come along for the ride with Jacqui, Lucian, and the Uglies as they show you their wonderful and horrible world of mopeds.



Mara Manzolini – 20, Jamie Touche – 21, Sebastien Blanc – 23

United Kingdom

Gilbert is an old man who has been living on a cliff for the past ten years, saving people from committing suicide. When a troubled young man tries to kill himself, Gilbert is faced with the reality of the human condition: some people just want to die, and it’s not his fault.


Hold Music

Laura Holliday – 22, Matt Hunter – 24

California, USA

A man is put on hold.


I Am Virgin

Joy Hanson – 21, Cody Mathieson Packer – 22, Korey VanHuis – 22, Michelle Lynn Fogle – 22

Illinois, USA

Two awkward teenagers, set up by their parents to lose their virginity, come together and connect on their own terms.


Jam Therapy – “Get Up Get Down”

Diego Lozano – 20

Texas, USA

One garage audition and a thousand jams later, Jam Therapy rockets itself into a record label. With hard rock sound that tastes like high-fructose rock syrup, these four Austinites seize the night.



Joe Carter – 19, Andre Szarmach – 18, Travis Holian – 19, Chase Toms – 19, Matylda Mc-Sharp – 19

New Mexico, USA

A misunderstood government agent is about to get his childlike roommate into a sticky situation. Will the rent be paid? Will someone die?



Kate Kanariov – 17, Nick Dangeli – 17, Cole Peterson – 17, Cimran Jassal – 17


A boy finds himself lost and in need for directions. Among people who are distracted by their phones, he meets a girl. Or does he?


Hey Deer!

Örs Bárczy – 21, Bertalan Szűcs – 22, Péter Terner – 23, Enikő Kivés – 23, Dániel Illés – 21


This adorable deer is eager to keep a tidy house and shovel the new fallen snow each day. But every night, his hard work becomes undone by a suspicious earthquake which makes life almost unbearable, until he learns the truth.

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