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Happy Hour Shorts

Friday April 26, 6:30 pm

SIFF Uptown 1
511 Queen Anne Avenue North

Who says Happy Hour has to be at a bar? Wind down the work week and sample some tasty beers, complements of Fremont Brewing, before watching this great group of short films.

Tasting starts at 5:30pm, films start at 6:30pm.
Screening is all-ages. Tasting included with Film Ticket and ID.

Screening may not be suitable for all ages.

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The Joint

Phillip Schoen – Age 16
Peter Zachwieja – Age 18

The discovery of a joint in his pocket one morning leads Max into a warped confrontation with his mother.


Moon Over Mahattan

Jeremy Jensen – Age 20

With Peter hounding his roommate to partake in a lifestyle of bad habits, the fur is about to fly.


The Face of Facebook

Alexis Lee – Age 19
Owen Craft – Age 19
Ryan Rutter – Age 18

After creating a service initially designed to help bring people together, ‘The Face of Facebook’ finds himself in a bit of a slump. Sadly, his program is being thoroughly misused by everyone, and he wonders why he started his job in the first place. An unfriendly visit from a competing social network almost puts him over the edge, and he enters a state of great frustration.


Ladies Knight

Joseph Rothenberg – Age 22

Sir Knightly wants to make out with the Princess, but she thinks he’s a dweeb. When a fire-breathing Dragon arrives, the Princess thinks he’s way “hotter” than Sir Knightly, so she rides off with the Dragon to his castle. Against the advice of the Singing Sword, Sir Knightly sets off to rescue the Princess with the help of his trusty steed, Doofus.


Out of Hand

Katie Aldworth – Age 22

Nathan can’t remember his line for the school play. What’s more, he’s stumbled upon a mysterious severed human hand and he’s got to get rid of it before anyone finds out. Surrounded by high expectations, he struggles with his anxiety and an appendage that he can’t seem to shake.



Le Blue Stella

Peter Rosati – Age 21

A short film about the friendship and adventure two 12-year-old boys share aboard their handcrafted spaceship.


80s Fitness

Tim Hendrix – Age 20

In an alternate universe where the 80’s kept on going, two teams of fitness stars duke it out for ratings supremacy.



Matt Thompson – Age 18

A boy quarantined in his dorm room tries to get rid of a girl’s abusive boyfriend.


Two Old Nuts

Spencer Lenzie – Age 22

Dick is a stubborn, grumpy old fart who is stuck in the past. For Dick, every day carries with it the potential to be a glory day. But Evelyn, Dick’s wife, sees right through this: he’s just an old man now. When they find themselves stranded in their backyard with a broken back and hip, Dick sees an opportunity to prove himself once and for all.

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