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Late Night Comedy

Friday April 26, 10:30 pm

SIFF Uptown 1
511 Queen Anne Avenue North

Why did the chicken cross the road? I don’t know, but hopefully he arrives on time for this hilarious batch of raunchy, slapstick comedy shorts.

Screening may not be suitable for all ages.

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The Greenway Choir

Nigel Edwards – Age 22

A story for the ages about a proper man, Gerald, competing in the Regional Garden Championships. Having been forced to overcome his own dignity, Gerald sheds all forms of humility in trying to defeat his arch rival, Brendan.


Hand in Hand

Jason Boninger – Age 22
Almog Avidan Antonir –  Age 21

Two zombies look for food, but find something else in the process.


Surveillance Team

Chris Aitken – Age 22
Liam Ingraham – Age 22
Denis Ogrinc – Age 22

Surveillance Team follows following three irresponsible police officers who use their digital eyes and ears irresponsibly and immaturely. These officers dreamt of becoming police officers for the action and respect, but hide in their van for safety and anonymity.  When they do stumble into cases, they always end up in the thick of the action, and in way over their heads.


Mr. Balloon Man

Natasha Lasky – Age 15

A young boy is approached by a cheerful predator. A girl arriving on the scene becomes an instant rival for his attention.


In the Closet

Robert Crisp – Age 18
Hunter Main – Age 18
Kacey Sanders – Age 16

This short film is about what really happens during detention.


Fillin’ You In with Guitar Gregg

Clio Gevirtz – Age 15
Soraya Okuda – Age 21

Guitar Greg takes a group of hip young shoppers to find out where their clothes REALLY come from.


Like a Dying Duck

Jonathan Flint – Age 23
United Kingdom

Pete Ashdown is engaged in a make-or-break business video call with abrasive foreign investor Mr. Namkung and his translator, during a hellish thunderstorm.  A powercut halts the call, and puts Pete in the dark.  Left to his own devices, Pete succumbs to the taste of alcohol in an attempt to ease his predicament.


On Violence

August Aabo – Age 18
Anna Nørskov Henriksen – Age 19

A mockumentary about a violent guy who beats innocent people, because he is deeply fascinated by the feeling of superhumanity, violence gives him. A film crew of two has been allowed to follow him around.


Three Days

Anna Thompson – Age 17
Dakota Meineke – Age 16
Shawn Young – Age 16

This short depicts a humorous rendition of how students can torment their teachers.



Robert Crisp – Age 18

This mock PSA takes a new spin on political campaigns. With the undead now returning to life the presidential race looks to the zombies.


Chef’s Special

Eno Freedman Brodmann – Age 20
Joey DePasquale – Age 19
Matthew Morgan – Age 20
New York

A doctor finds a patient with a rare disorder to excrete food the same way it enters. His plans to team up with nearby Italian restaurants soon go too far.

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