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Life on Earth presented by Chipotle

Saturday April 27, 2:30 pm

SIFF Uptown 2
511 Queen Anne Avenue North

Explore what it’s like to live on Planet Earth in modern times. From hurricane relief to fighting for a cleaner environment, these films contribute inspiration and education to our shared social consciousness.

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The Summer of ’81

Preston Randolph – Age 22

The unique story of Wyoming man, Bob Taylor and the spirit and struggles of his life’s journey. From teaching in the city, to being a Cowboy in Wyoming, to raising his family without electricity in the cabin he built by hand, and of course baseball. Above all, this film is about life and holding on to those memories that make us who we are.



Ethan Stupp – Age 17
New Jersey

Shadows captures the experiences and hardships of those that Hurricane Sandy has greatly affected. In other words, it documents the “Shadow” of the hurricane. Filmed two to three months following the disaster, the documentary focuses on the long-term problems and destruction that many victims face as they begin the painful process of rebuilding their homes and lives.


The Dogmatic

Lance Oppenheim – Age 16

In a lawless no man’s land at the edge of The Florida Everglades, society and all authority has abdicated its responsibilities. A huge vacuum consisting of underground criminal activities has filled its void. An overly-zealous animal rescue group takes the law into their own hands, while risking their own lives, to save jilted dogs by stealing them from abusive owners.


Fish Out of Water

Maddie Church – Age 16
Jordan Cohen – Age 16

At 1:00 in the morning most people are asleep, however at the Fulton Fish market in Bronx, New York, men from 37 different seafood companies are just arriving to their job where they unload 300 varieties of fish. It is the largest seafood wholesaler in the country.


Fong Lee: The Story of Tragedy and Injustice

Damian Jones – Age 18

This short documentary is about the controversial death of Fong Lee, a St. Paul youth who was fatally shot eight times by police while they were pursuing him on suspicion of drug possession. This video shows police footage, presents evidence, and shows how the story reported by police does not seem plausible.


What is a Life?

James Tralie – Age 15

This documentary traces the impossible love story of my grandparents. My grandfather was a French sailor in World War II who met my grandmother while stationed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He returned to France, fought in D-Day, and the two would eventually marry.



Duke Stokes – Age 22

Two wheels, a motor, and attitude! The revival of the Cafe Racer tradition made popular in the 1950’s is in full swing thanks to average joes like the fellas at Dime City Cycles. Sense what it’s like to hear the call of the road and hit the ton!


Henry Waxman: The Fight for Clean Air

Jason Lester – Age 20
New York

This short documentary follows the efforts of U.S. Representative Henry Waxman as he attempts to pass legislation that will put the United States on a path to clean energy, at the same time providing an overview of an inspirational life and career.

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