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Powerful Grit

Friday April 29, 9:30 pm

SIFF Uptown 2
511 Queen Anne Avenue North

Life isn’t all cheeseburgers and funny memes. The grittier side of life is brought to the forefront as these films poignantly put the more difficult aspects of existence into perspective. These films might stay with you for a while. Like a hickey. Or your friend who was just going to crash on the couch for a few weeks, no worries, right?*

*This screening may not be suitable for all ages.

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Richard Rogers – 22, West Webb – 22, Isaiah Wolfe – 21, Dante Bernard – 23

North Carolina, USA

A drug-dealing basketball benchwarmer gets caught and blames his teammate to avoid punishment, spawning a chain reaction of events on high school picture day.


The Owls

Natalia Bougadellis – 20


As both his parents find themselves unemployed and adopt a rather passive stance to life, the eldest son is suddenly required to bring food to the table, turning to prostitution to make ends meet.


Under the Bed

Ian Garrity – 22, Katherine Boorstein – 21

Rhode Island, USA

A porn star catches his wife cheating on him and together they face the cracks in their decaying marriage.


Salva Nos

Adriana Comsa – 24


After meeting a young man at her graduation party, Anna goes on her first date since eleventh grade. It does not take long for her to realize that she has been dragged into the disturbing world of human trafficking. With the help of Maria and Joshua, Anna refuses to give up hope as she fights to break free from the trafficker’s lethal grasp.


A Short Film About Execution

Cody Mathieson Packer – 23, Philip Alvy – 21

Illinois, USA

Anger, guilt, resentment, rage, innocence, closure and peace are all explored in 13 people’s last words from the gurney on death row. Based on true statements.

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