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Best of NFFTY: Seattle Public Library

Best of NFFTY screenings continue with Seattle Public Library system! Join us for an evening of some of the best films from NFFTY 2014.

The event is FREE to attend and there will be a chance to win tickets to NFFTY 2015 (April 23-26). 

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Central Library
(1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104)

Microsoft Auditorium

Doors open at 3:30pm



 Dave'sWildLifeDave’s Wild Life

Dave is a lonely and socially awkward retail assistant who leads a seemingly uneventful life. However, he has never given up on his dream to have his own wildlife show, and transforms every minute of his otherwise mundane life in an adventure by imagining undiscovered urban creatures – giving a unique twist to the well-known urban landscape of London.

Directed by Samuel de Ceccaty | United Kingdom



Eight-year-old Debbie hates cleaning for her Nana. What she needs is a fairy godmother, but what she gets is a pimp.

Directed by Lauren Brinkman | Florida



A drama queen takes his role as the iceberg that sunk the Titanic to the brink. His drama teacher and fellow students are not impressed.

Directed by Rachel Lin | California

Once-Upon-A-ChildhoodOnce Upon a Childhood

A film illustrating how a war that ended decades ago continues to impact children and families in Laos every day. Focusing on children and teens who have been maimed when setting off unexploded bombs and families devastated when parents lose limbs and are unable to provide for their children.

Directed by Sarah McAllister & Marcella Park | California



An old man who’s living his daily normal life in Cairo while watching TV gets struck by breaking news from the corrupt media that terrorists are destroying his country & is lead to believe them, until he’s struck by the Identity of who those terrorists are

Directed by Omar Rashed | Egypt



Batman and Spider-Man are residing in Bellingham, WA, and they may have bitten off less than they can chew…

Directed by Robert Bojorquez  | Washington


An LGBT short film about silencing insecurities, embracing oneself and the importance of human connection.

Directed by Alex Bohs | California


A film about modern-day India. The lives of a billion people. Their story, their hopes, aspirations and transformations. A fine balance between inherent spirituality and India’s giant leap towards progress.

Directed by Pranay Patwardhan | India



Christoph visits his late friend Anthony’s apartment, where he comes across a mysterious box full of undeveloped 35mm film rolls. Curious, he begins to develop these film rolls one by one, and learns that they are years’ worth of Anthony’s self-portraits.

Directed by Judy Suh | Illinois

RenminbiTipsRenminbi Tips

A music video exploring the direction of time for the Surrey band Good For Grapes.

Directed by Tommy Lee | Canada