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NFFTY 2014 Sneak Peek

Festival Highlights

Are you as excited as we are for the upcoming NFFTY 2014?

The NFFTY team has been working hard to put up yet another world class festival this Spring. To satisfy your curious minds, NFFTY 2014 Lead Programmer, also the co-founder of NFFTY, Kyle Seago, tells you his thoughts about the films this year and what you can expect.

You are definitely in for a good treat!

By Kyle Seago

This year, the rest of the NFFTY Programming team and I were thrilled by the range and depth of our film submissions. The selecting committee had the difficult task of narrowing an accumulation of excellent, diverse work into a small batch of films to be exhibited at this year’s festival. The films selected – and many of those not – are excellent cinematic representations of the triumphs, struggles, and experiences that young people from around the world share as a common bond. Many of the films were tragic yet intriguing depictions of life on earth; a film called The Blanketing rekindles a confrontation between a Native American tribe and Cowboys in the old West. Other films highlight the intrigue and promise of growing up Earth in modern times; a film called Moonbounce shines a spotlight on the exact moment when a young boy realizes that the world around him has its share scars and bruises.  Overall, the films we received this year represent the most authentic batch of storytelling we’ve ever received. These films come to us unfiltered – fresh and directly from the source without interference from agents, studios, or distributors.

These films come from filmmakers who embrace the art of cinema because they can, not because they have to and the team at NFFTY are proud exhibitors and champions of their wonderful, innovative creations.


To find out the full schedule and ticketing details, check out our 2014 Schedules Page.

See you at NFFTY 2014!

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