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Dewey – The Musical

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Dewey has grown indifferent towards his own and others’ situation after being bullied for years for the way he talks – he can’t help but sing instead of speaking normally. Today is his first day at a new school, and he’s already being laughed at by the entire class. However, in a strange turn of events his constant singing causes Biff, the leader of the bullies, to be ridiculed in front of a large group of fellow students.

The film was an official selection at NFFTY 2013 and screened as a part of the Centerpiece category.

Dewey – the musical from Magnus Lysbakken on Vimeo.

About the director:


Magnus Lysbakken is an aspiring director currently working out of Copenhagen, Denmark, where he is studying film- and media science. Previously he has studied art history in Norway and attended the European Film College, where Dewey – The Musical was produced. Magnus recently received funding from the Danish Film Institute to shoot a 30 minute short film in early 2014. It will be a kafkaic mystery film, lodged somewhere between Danish social realism and Hollywood’s flare and fanfare.

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