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Eternal Springs

Film of the Week

A deranged old lady captures women to be her play things.

Eternal Springs was an official selection of NFFTY 2013 and was screened under the category of Powerful Grit.

ETERNAL SPRINGS from Ashton Kennedy on Vimeo.

About the team:

Ashton Kennedy

Ashton Kennedy, producer, has been working in the entertainment industry for over 6 years. Her passion for filmmaking stems from the fulfillment that comes with creating exceptional entertainment with a driven and collaborative team. Currently, she works as an associate producer at Monkey Deux in Los Angeles assisting with the production of EPK and behind the scenes materials for major studio projects such as “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” She most recently produced her first feature film “Three Steps Back To Awesome” with director/writer Kate Rhamey, which is now in post-production. Outside of film, she enjoys snow-skiing, traveling, collecting teas and exploring delicious food spots all with great company.


Kate Rhamey (bottom), co-director, graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2012 having received the School of Film and Television Production Award.  She was also honored to be the recipient of the 2011-2012 Hollywood Foreign Press Association Fellowship, and Loyola Marymount’s 2012 Caucus Foundation nomination. In addition, Kate has been recognized for outstanding production design by winning back to back Best Production Design awards in 2011 and 2012 at Film Outside the Frame. Eager to learn about the industry, Kate has worked with leading entertainment companies such as Skydance Productions, Route One, and Circle of Confusion.

From NFFTY desk:

The issue of the film industry being predominantly male has been the talk of town recently. There has also been a trend of increasing number of young women filmmakers wanting to join the industry proper. Ashton and Kate are two of them. They have been working together for 4 years and this partnership is still going strong. With complementing strengths, this power duo is set to hit the big screens with their upcoming works. NFFTY speaks to them to find out more about the production of this film, Eternal Springs, as well as their perspective of “Women in Film”.

Q:The art direction of the film is amazing! Where was the film shot and how long did you guys take to shoot it? Were there any memorable challenges that you guys faced in the shooting of this film? 

The film was shot around co-director Allison Rohm’s home in Newberry Springs, CA. We shot it in a single day as we were creating the film for a 48hr film contest. The main challenge was getting everything done in under two days! We had an excellent crew that helped get everything up there Friday night and make sure we got all our shots in a single day.

Q: What inspired you guys to make this film? 

The film contest was based around Deborah Hill’s legacy in filmmaking. Kate Rhamey choose Deborah’s film Halloween to give us the root of the inspiration and then let the other elements of the 48hr contest add to the film.

Q: Ashton, we heard that you went to Morocco recently for an Expedia shoot! How did it go? 

I went to Morocco with fellow NFFTY alumni Joel McCarthy to shoot a piece for Expedia. It was an amazing experience for me because I had never been to Africa or experienced their culture. I learned so much from all that I saw there and the people we got to interact with. They were extremely welcoming and wanted you to understand their many customs and their rich cultural history. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to shoot and tell this story for Expedia. Hopefully, I’ll return again to see more of the country.

Q:  As two young women filmmakers, have you guys found it hard to enter the industry? And how do you think you both complement each other in strengths to help you overcome to challenges  in this industry? 

I personally think that being a young female director has not effected the process of entering the industry.  The only thing, that I have found, to have a negative effect is my lack of experience.  Which, yes, is due to age.  However, with keeping our heads down and working hard, I believe that Ashton and I’s resumes are already growing beyond our years and I look forward to what our future has to offer.

Ashton and I started working together about 4 years ago, while we were students at Loyola Marymount University.  I think the reason why we started working together, and still do, isn’t necessarily in our talents but in our work ethic.  In school, we would partner on homework assignments because we knew we would each carry our own weight.  This still holds true in the projects we do today.  I know that Ashton will provide everything needed to make a project go from script to production and then through post and I believe that she has faith in me to turn out a great product weather it be a commercial, music video, or film.  Our mutual respect for one another allows us to work towards a common goal and produce quality media.


This week, we explore the role of women in film. Ashton shares her perspective in her featured writing. Check the post out to read what she has to say.

To see more films by NFFTY filmmakers, keep a lookout for news on our upcoming festival on April 24-April 27.


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  2. This film was an excellent thriller! The story got straight to the punch and had me a bit nervous! Excellent job

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