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The Face of Facebook

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After creating a service initially designed to help bring people together, ‘The Face of Facebook’ finds himself in a bit of a slump. Sadly, his program is being thoroughly misused by everyone, and he wonders why he started his job in the first place. An unfriendly visit from a competing social network almost puts him over the edge, and he enters a state of great frustration.

The Face of Facebook was an official selection of NFFTY 2013 and was screened under the category of Happy Hour Shorts.

About the team:

owen_craft team

Owen Craft (left)  is a 19 year old from Anacortes, Washington who currently attends the University of Washington in Seattle. He first got his start in film during his sophomore year in high school, where he enrolled in his high school’s advanced film production class. After attending NFFTY for the first time in 2011, Owen made his first dramatic short film, which played at the closing night screening of NFFTY 2012. Since then, Owen has been involved with countless projects, both alone and with fellow filmmakers at high school, and has submitted films to multiple festivals around the area, including NFFTY, the Guerilla Film Project, the Northwest High School Film Festival, and the Seattle International Film Festival. He hopes to shoot a 15-20 minute documentary with friends this summer about the joys of driving older cars. Along with filmmaking, Owen enjoys driving and working on cars, hiking around his hometown, the Seattle Seahawks and more.

As for the team, they all still have an interest in film. Alexis and Alex both attend UW here with Owen, and Ryan is currently on a mission for his church in England. They all hope to continue making films together in the future, and get jobs in the industry!


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NFFTY speaks to Owen, who tells us about the process of creating “Mr. Facebook”.

Q: What got you guys onto this topic? 

As stated in the credits, this film was made for the 2012 Guerilla Film Project, which challenges teams of filmmakers to make a 3 minute film with specific required props in less than 65 hours. A few days before the project began, I was brainstorming ideas while mindlessly browsing Facebook, and I was annoyed with how many pointless and often annoying posts there were (e.g. “like this status if _______”), to the point where I asked myself the question “why can’t there be some guy who filters through this stuff and blocks anything he deems to be stupid/pointless?” And suddenly it came to me, that would make for a pretty great movie plot!

Q: What is that one button or feature that you wish Facebook could have? 

In my opinion, there really isn’t anything I would add to Facebook, what I’d really like to see happen is for the layout to get a major overhaul, and for the entire user interface to be simpler and cleaner. Right now on the homepage, there’s a lot of stuff vying for your attention, and I really wish Facebook looked more like the new MySpace or Infinity List.

Q: How did you guys  come up with the personification of Facebook and Google Plus? 

After some consideration, we decided that ‘Facebook’ should be fed up and tired with all of the pointless statuses that were being brought his way. We were looking for more ways to aggravate him, and then we thought of the newer, up-and-coming social media site Google+. The way we used Google+ was to push Facebook’s frustration over the top, and to then have Facebook mindlessly start disliking everything that was brought his way, until an actual heartfelt message finally comes.

Q: Has participation in NFFTY helped to pave away for your career in filmmaking? 

Absolutely! After I attended NFFTY for the first time in 2011, and since then I’ve been motivated to make my own films and submit them to future festivals. Since NFFTY 2013, I’ve been involved with a couple of shoots with a Bellingham film company, both involved working with a Red Epic. The latest shoot happened in August where we had 3 work days, and each day was over 12 hours of travelling between locations, hauling equipment and shooting. Even though I was just a PA, I’m glad to say that after the hard work, I still loved every second of it, and I’m itching to get involved with more! Currently I’m in the very early stages of planning a ~15-20 documentary that I hope to make this summer.

To find out more about Owen, check out his Youtube page.

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