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Honk If You Love Someone

Film of the Week

One man’s quest to make a city smile.

Honk if you love someone was an official selection at NFFTY 2013 and screened as a part of the #Kindawesome Inspiration category.

About the director

sophia pink

Sophia Pink is 17 years old and lives in Washington, DC. Instead of returning to school for 10th grade, she is taking a one year sabbatical to pursue independent study and to make films. Her films include “Access Denied,” 2011 (Outstanding PSA, 2011 Burke Youth Film Festival; Audience Choice, 2011 Pendragwn Youth Film Festival; Best Technical and Artistic Achievement and Audience Favorite, 2011 WIS Global Issues Film Festival) and “Help Wanted,” 2012 (Best Picture, 2012 Bangkok International Youth Film Festival; First Prize, 2012 Madeira Youth Film Festival; Audience Choice, 2012 Pendragwn Youth Film Festival). Sophia is also a percussionist in the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra.

NFFTY talks to Sophia to find out more behind the scenes story of the film.

Q: How did you come across the story? 

In September 2012, I saw an article about Massoud Adibpour and Make DC Smile in The Washington Post. I thought that his cool venture would make a compelling documentary, so I accompanied Massoud and his friends one Monday morning as they held up their signs in downtown DC. After I saw the huge effect this simple project was having on so many people, I had to make a movie about it.

Q: Has this film helped him in getting more support from people in DC about what he is doing? Do you know if he still is holding up signs around DC?

Massoud still holds up signs in DC on Mondays and is working on other positivity-spreading projects in our city. (You can follow what he’s up to at I think that the biggest effect that this film has had is helping spread Massoud’s ideas to communities outside of DC. I’ve heard from a number of people who, after seeing the film, decided to start holding signs with positive messages in their own schools, neighborhoods, cities.

Q: Has participation in NFFTY helped to pave a way for your career in the film industry? how so? 

I’m a junior in high school, so, lately, I’ve been focusing more on getting my drivers license and taking the SATs than starting a career. But NFFTY has opened my eyes to hundreds of amazing youth filmmakers around the world whose films inspire me to work even harder on my own movies.

Find out more about Sophia on her website here or watch her videos on her vimeo page.


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