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Juggle & Cut

Film of the Week

In the autumn of 1998, a profound tragedy echoed through a small Michigan farming town, disfiguring the well-planned ambitions of a young prodigy in strange and inspiring ways.

The film was an official selection at NFFTY 2013 and won the Audience Choice Award for the #kindawesome inspiration screening.

Juggle & Cut from Caleb Slain on Vimeo.

About the director:


Caleb Slain is a writer/director/editor and Grand Rapids native. He has been internationally awarded for his evocative storytelling in both short films and commercials. At age 19, Slain directed The Lost & Found Shop, which received praise around the world, winning the prestigious “Best Young Filmmaker Award at Corona’s Fastnet Festival in Ireland. At 20, he directed the cinematic short documentary It Ain’t Over which world premiered at South By Southwest in 2012. Commercially, Slain co-directed the notorious “Surface”ad for Microsoft, acquiring more than six million views in less than a week and earning him personal spotlights in both Business Insider and Huffington Post.

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