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Not The One

Film of the Week

That moment when two strangers lock eyes across a room – and instantly just know.

Not The One was an official selection of NFFTY 2014 and screened as a part of The Last Laugh category.

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Not The One from Laura Holliday on Vimeo.

About the director:

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Laura Holliday was an actor and theatre dork as a child and then attended Idyllwild Arts Academy as a film major for two years of high school. Her thesis film there, Rockstars the Pete Weaver Experience won an audience award at NFFTY 2012. Laura is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory, and currently studies screenwriting and directing at Art Center College of Design. She likes comedies where people love each other but it is awkward.


NFFTY spoke with Laura about her work on the film.

Q: What inspired you to tell the story of this unusual encounter?

I am in a sketch group with the two actors in the film. At a rehearsal they did an improvised version of this concept and I thought it was hilarious and would translate well on camera. Also I am kind of obsessed with meet-cute scenes and saw adapting it as an opportunity to do one.

Q: Do you think you have found your niche in comedy or have you considered venturing into other genres and styles?

I’d like to find more niches within that niche. What? To say that comprehensibly, there is so much I want to try within comedy (and dramady) that I think I could be happy doing it for probably ever. But  I would like to push myself to use and experiment with different visual styles within that realm for sure.

Q: Are you working on any new projects at the moment? Where can people go to see more of your work?

I’m working on a lot of things! One of them is a ten minute buddy comedy I have been writing for over a year with my Second City friends that I’ll also act in. That will hopefully be made in the fall, yay! I’m also getting ready to make a comedic viral video advertising a  puzzle game for Spinmaster which should be fun. Check out

Q: What has your experience been like participating in NFFTY over the years and how has it helped you grow as a filmmaker?

NFFTY always makes me feel competitive in a really positive way. I always leave the festival really eager to make something new and set my own bar higher. I also think its easy get in the habit of not sharing your work while you’re in school because you’re learning so much, your skill level exceeds what you make quickly, but promoting yourself and getting feedback is so important. NFFTY has helped me get in the habit of finishing and promoting my stuff more than anything.


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