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Strawberry Blonde

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Johanna is babysitting her younger sister Marion as their mother is throwing a garden party for her neighbors and friends. A man at the party notices Johanna, and with sexual confusion, she takes advantage of his interest.

Strawberry Blonde was an official selection of NFFTY 2013 and was screened under the category of Centerpiece Starts Here.

“Strawberry Blonde” by Andrea Sand Gustavson from WillumFilm on Vimeo.

About the director:


Andrea was born in Norway the 24.09.90. She has attended the international film college “The European Film College” and studied film science at Stockholm University. After that she moved back to Oslo to write and direct more short films. She is currently in post production with her fifth short film “Girl”.

Andrea was also the recipient of the New Talent Award for age group 18-22 in NFFTY 2013.


NFFTY spoke to Andrea about the inspirations behind this intimate film.

Q: What was the inspiration behind this film? Was there any true story related to it? 

The inspiration behind Strawberry Blonde was to explore the mind of a young girl on her way to touch upon adult territory and becoming a young woman. And to feel she was looked at as a female by a male for the first time.

The story comes from own early teenage daydreaming, as having been a girl at several summer fests in the northern summer nights that never ended, discovering the unknown and the first attraction to the opposite sex and at the same time of being scared, being comforted by grown up voices from the void.

Q: You left the ending pretty open and mysterious, causing us to wonder what exactly did the little girl say to her. What did you have in mind actually? 

My intention is for the audience to decide what Marion (the youngest) comforts Johanna (our lead) with in the end to make her feel better, which is for me one of the main causes I tell stories in film. The look or the unknown whisper is what triggers you, the viewer, for an answer. And for me, film is not about answers, it is about curiosity and remaining just that to the ending credits.

Q: Has participation in NFFTY helped to pave a way for your entrance into the film industry?

NFFTY has opened many doors for me as a young filmmaker, with receiving numerous contacts and platforms for me to increase inspiration and create more ideas for films. To this day, one year post NFFTY 2013, I still have contact with last year’s participants to exchange and receive support in filmmaking and seeing all the talent that comes from young talented minds that dared to speak up with their art, like I did with telling my story in Strawberry Blonde.

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