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T.V For Two

Film of the Week

A TV agent has offered Joe and his best friend, Adam, a career in the TV business. As their new careers start to take flight, the effect that their new fame has on their relationship may outweigh the personal gains of being superstars.

T.V for Two was an official selection of NFFTY 2013 and had won the Audience Awards under the category of Northwest Scene. 

About the team

adam and joe

Adam (left) has been making films in his free time since he was 12. His films mainly composed of comedies. This past summer, he recently completed a number of short films, including ‘Perception’, a romantic drama, as well as ‘Solitude’, a sci-fi, all of which he has plans to submit to NFFTY. He has also been in close work creating and designing content with the School of Life Project, ran by Rick Stevenson.

Joe (right) has been into filmmaking since middle school. He has always loved to make people laugh and feels that making comedy video is a great and unique way to do that. He is currently enjoying his time acting in films made by his friends and is also generating ideas for comedy shorts in the future.

Over the past summer, the duo completed another short film at The Production Camp.


NFFTY speaks to the duo and finds out more about this talented pair that produces, writes, directs and acts.

Q: You guys have great chemistry and interesting thoughts. Is this film a reflection of your actual life? 

A&J: Yes, in a way. While we don’t actually make childish tv shows on a regular basis, the friendship aspect of the film is very true to real life.

Q: I see that you guys participate in the acting as well. So between acting, producing/directing, which do you prefer more? 

A&J: We choose to act mainly because we are cheap, and are able to write lines for ourselves that we know we will be able to deliver.

Adam: For me, I prefer the visual side of filmmaking, like directing, cinematography, and visual effects more than acting.

Joe: I prefer the acting and writing the best.

Q: This week, we are featuring  “Best of West”. Would you be able to recommend some great filmmaking spots in the Pacific Northwest region for our aspiring filmmakers? 

Adam: Why yes I can! I live around Everett, and there are a few places that I go to time and time again. Howarth park is great because there is a forest, a beach, and water, all in the same exact area. I’ve used it for multiple short films and will defiantly use it again. Another great spot is the abandoned Lynnwood High School, which served as a set for an upcoming sci-fi, ‘Last Man on Earth’ film. The soccer field is totally grown over and falling apart, and makes for some great environments. Plus it’s deserted, so there’s no one to bother you!

Q: Has participation in NFFTY helped to open up more paths for your career in the filmmaking industry? 

A&J: Since we are still in high school, we have a long way before we get into the actual industry, however we have gained a lot of friends, as well as connections, from NFFTY.


NFFTY Film of the Week features “BEST OF WEST” for this week. We will be recommending to you some great places for filmmaking for you to explore when you attend NFFTY, or when you decide to make your next big short right here in Washington State. Check out the blog post for more pictures.

Also, our submission deadline is coming to a close on Jan 31, 2014. This would be our FINAL submission so don’t miss it! Submit here and stand a chance to be part of the world’s largest youth film festival!

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  2. Wow! Those are the most talented and handsome young men I think I have ever seen! Especially Adam. What a nice young man! I hope they pursue film. They have a very professional look.
    Golly, that Adam! What a catch!

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