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The Case of Amber Gram by Daniel & Adam Cooper

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In an alternate society based on 1920s hysteria, innocent Amber Gram has created a painting that she believes to be a beautiful expression of her patriotism. In the eyes of her dystopian world, however, it is nothing short of a disgusting offense to the state’s values. The image is deemed an illegal expression of heresy and Amber is placed on trial for sedition. Confused by her society’s preposterous interpretation, Amber Gram now faces capital punishment. Execution is inevitable, unless the court psychoanalyst, Dr. Ludovico, can identify the twisty matter of interpretation that explains the stark distinction between what Amber sees and what everyone else does. One thing is for sure, however. Following this revolutionary case, The Union of Cannis will never be the same.

The Case of Amber Gram was an official selection of NFFTY 2013 and screened as a part of the Double Featurettes category.

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About the directors:

Daniel and Adam Cooper are 18 year old twin brothers hailing from Detroit, Michigan. Having been making films since they were kids, their extensive experience includes work in writing, directing, cinematography, photography, editing, color correcting, visual/special effects and animation. Their services through CooperBrothersFilms has extended to projects worldwide and has gained them many accolades.

Visit Daniel and Adam’s website.

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