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A look into the mind of Yusuf, a poor child living in a third-world country but dreaming of a better life.

Yusuf is the official selection for NFFTY 2013 and was screened under the category of Opening Night Gala. 

Yusuf from Omar A Rashed on Vimeo.

About the director:


This is Omar from Egypt. He started filmmaking 3 years ago after studying architecture. Omar is a returning participant of NFFTY. His work had won an audience award a year ago. To date, he has directed several Public Service Announcements and short clips and is now focusing on directing short films. He dreams about changing the prespective of the Egyptian cinema, regaining ART back to it and delivering his point of view to the world through the big screen.

Find out more about Omar on his vimeo page here.

NFFTY does an interview with Omar to find out more about this film and him. Here’s what he tells us.

Q: How did you come up with the story? Was it based on any stories that you know of? 

I came up with a story after returning home one day and the janitor of the building I’m living in was telling me that his son just passed this year and got good grades, so I told him congratulations and asked what School does he wanna enroll in, what does he want to grow up to be? He answered me that because of our country’s situation, he’s not going to let him go to school but to let him stay and work with him in-order to help support the family. So this is when the idea got to my head, and I thought I should do something that tells the dreams of poor children in third world countries

Q: The art direction is beautiful, especially in the “better world” that you have created. Is this a reflection of your desire? 

Well honestly, the credit here goes to the amazing Art Director Sheiwy Farouk. She put a lot of thought into it to make use of art direction to benefit each and every dreamscape so that it comes across as picture perfect as possible.

Q:Has participating in NFFTY helped to pave a way for your career in the industry? 

NFFTY Helped me in so many ways by being my first ever film festival to submit to and attend. I’ve seen what filmmakers my age could do all around the world; met so many great people; watched some splendid work; winning an Audience award in the first year and doing a TV interview the year after. This somehow established my status as a filmmaker in my country, so I’m pretty thankful to NFFTY for everything they helped me with.


From the desk:

Omar is one of the few filmmakers from Middle East that actively participates in NFFTY over the years. He is also our foreign ambassador in Egypt, helping to reach out to filmmakers in Egypt to submit to NFFTY. Through your lens, we hope to see more about Middle East and understand the living conditions and dreams of the citizens there. Submit now to NFFTY if you are an aspiring filmmaker like Omar. As our way of encouraging you to submit, we offer fee waivers to all filmmakers from Middle East. Check out our submission page for more details about how to get your waiver.

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