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A New Hope?

A New Hope for 3D Conversion?

Industry News

Lackluster 3D conversion in films may come to an end with news that the Star Wars saga is making the leap to 3D in 2012.  Under the watchful eyes of John Knoll and Industrial Light & Magic, all six films will undergo an exhaustive 27-month process in order to reach the Avatar-like quality of 3D absent in most 3D films out there today.

Knoll, who oversaw ILM’s contributions to Avatar, understands the challenges that plagued the 3D conversion in films such as Clash of the Titans and The Last Airbender this past summer; but will the effort pay off? Is 3D conversion a process in its infancy or it’s twilight years? Are you willing to pay top-dollar to go see films in 3D that are already in your library? Share your thoughts!


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