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Featured Panelist – Alex Buono

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At the inaugural year for NFFTY’s Future of Film Expo there will be many panels and opportunities for filmmakers to learn from industry professionals. One of the panels featured is Talk Shop: Using the Right Technology for Your Story hosting panelists such as Alex Buono. Alex Buono is currently a Director of Photography for Saturday Night Live, was the DP/Writer/Producer of Bigger Stronger Faster and DP/Producer of Green Street Hooligans. He is also a member of the International Cinematographer’s Guild, the International Documentary Association and the Writer’s Guild of America.

Alex Buono has also become quite the fan of the Canon DSLR’s as he’s started shooting some segments, like the opening sequence, for Saturday Night Live on the Canon C300 and 7D. By shooting these he has become the first DP to utilize the C300 for network television. Working for Saturday Night Live there are certain time constraints such as having high-end commercial parodies in sometimes as few as 24 hours. Shooting these with the DSLR’s and utilizing G-Technology storage for his field acquisition has completely changed the way he works and how he goes about preparing for a shoot.

Written by Joseph Weiler, NFFTY Intern

Be sure to check out the panel: Talk Shop: Using the Right Technology for Your Story and watch his feature length projects such as Green Street Hooligans and Bigger Stronger Faster!


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