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For so long, Hollywood has been a boys club. From executives and producers to directors and writers. Only a small sliver of our top entertainment jobs were held by women. Was it because no women had an interest or they just weren’t given a chance? Today things are slowly getting better. Female directors are starting to get more recognition (example: Kathryn Bigelow becoming the first women to win a Oscar for best director in 2010) and given more opportunities. Aspiring young women filmmakers now have more role models too, which is leading to more young women wanting to go for the top.

At NFFTY 2010, thanks to sponsor HBO, we presented a fantastic panel called “Finding Your Success in Hollywood”, which featured 6 powerful women from the entertainment business sharing their path to success and the challenges they faced getting there. Our festival has seen more and more submissions every year from female directors, but still the majority are from males.

Variety also recently released its 2010 Women’s Impact report, which featured dozens of articles and highlights of powerful and successful women working in all areas of entertainment. You’ll definitely find some role models here. Go to

Here at NFFTY, we challenge young women filmmakers everywhere to go for it. We hope that one day soon, our festival will have just as many or more women than men filmmakers and articles like this won’t even be written, because it will just be the norm.

P.S. – Next week we’ll be spotlighting one of NFFTY’s great young female directors from last year, Tori Dailey. So stay tuned for that too!

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