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Spotlight: the Academy of Interactive Entertainment

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Written by Joseph Weiler, NFFTY Intern

Every year we have films submitted to NFFTY from young independent artists, taking a risk and making films that inspire. Often these projects are born from personal passion, and a vested interest in storytelling. And many times these talented young filmmakers are students too. Some of the best NFFTY submissions are a product of education programs: colleges, universities, and other workshops.

With this spotlight, we turn our focus to the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, or AIE.

AIE is a top game design college focusing in computer programming, animation and game art.  Established in 1996 AIE is a leading game design and 3D animation school.  Courses are constantly reviewed, consulting the animation and video game industry.  With small classes of extremely motivated students, all of the coursework is completed in class eventually building up a demo reel to show off after graduation to prospective employers.

Throughout the program, students are given advising on how to create the most employable reels from professors with experience in the industry.  They also offer career-oriented training, allowing art and programming students to work together to create a game as they would in the industry breaking it down into industry style jobs.  Therefore already having some industry standard skills. At the end of the year there is Industry Day where students can talk with industry professionals and demonstrate their development and knowledge of the craft.

Depending on the student’s desired career path, AIE students can enroll in a variety of courses for specialized topics not restricting coursework to just game development but also 3D animation for film, TV or other associated industries.  While having a location in our very own Seattle AIE also has campuses in Melbourne, Canberra and Lafayette.  They also offer online courses so students can access training while away from the campus whether it’s living in rural or remote areas, or over seas.

Taught by professors like Dr. Jules Bloomenthal who began his study of computer in 1975 working with Thomas G. Stockham Jr to help develop the world’s first digital audio company.  Dr. Blomenthal has had programs he’s written be used on Oscar-winning animated films up to Dreamwork’s recent Monsters vs. Aliens (2008).

The animation Program Director and Teacher, Tony White founded “Drawassic Age,” a groud-breaking animation studio that seeks to preserve, teach and evolve the art-form of traditional animation.  He also has five best-selling books on animation and just released another last October.  At the beginning of his career he studied with Oscar winning animators.

Overall, the Academy for Interactive Entertainment proves itself as a frontrunner in animation schools and one that has potential to really set up students to excel in an industry that they love.

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2 thoughts on “Spotlight: the Academy of Interactive Entertainment

  1. The consumer now makes the decision specifically what it wants for entertainment, not the main studios and distributors. Should you add to that distribution on the internet, headlines, internet pages, from chat to entire videos. It really is a whole new environment. A lot of it fantastic, some not.

  2. Hi…there I would like to be in a school like this although I have being design my own things like game in My background which it means I never had any special training but am willing to be thought.
    I think designing and programming will be much more easier..thank u for this article it inspire me to keep going

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