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Battle for Streaming

The Battle for Streaming Video

Industry News

Written by Amy Olson, NFFTY Intern

It’s dog eat dog mentality in today’s video streaming world, with everyone out for getting the biggest share of the spoil. Companies are going to great lengths to try and outdo their current cut throat competition, Netflix. Though Netflix was a pioneer to the idea of video streaming, companies have been quick to steal it and do whatever than can to improve it. Along with this, companies are also teaming up to improve their chances of success– Verizon and Red Box on one end of the spectrum and Amazon with Viacom on the other, leaving Netflix to fend for new original content in hopes of keeping it alive during the merging of these larger companies.

One of the main complains customers have about Netflix is that its selection is dated; a quality Red Box satisfies. “”With Redbox, you get this great, great new-release content,” Di Valerio (Coinstar CEO) said. But an updated movie selection is not the only thing the team is looking to improve about video streaming, other perks are said to include availability on multiple platforms like smartphones and televisions, and streaming will be available to a wider database than to just Verizon users.  With Verizon and Red Box reportedly launching their idea later this year it is going to be tough competition, especially because they are already targeting Netflix’s weaknesses. They are going to give Amazon and Viacom good competition.

In their press release Amazon and Viacom stated their video streaming will be available to only Amazon Prime subscribers but these subscribers will have access to thousands of episodes that will mostly include network television (episodes including MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, CMT, BET, etc.) However if you are not an Amazon Prime subscriber, Amazon Instant Video “is a digital video service offering downloads or streaming of more than 100,000 titles including new release movies, TV shows the day after they air, as well as contemporary and classic videos in SD and HD.”(

With each company coming up with innovative and strategic ideas that are different and yet they step on each other’s toes, it will be interesting to see which ones sell out best.


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