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The Days are Ticking! The Anticipated Film–“The Perks of Being a Wallflower”– is Less Than a Month Away From Reaching Theatres!

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(By Amy Olson)
The novel, which was published over a decade ago, sold almost a half a million copies worldwide, and has been listed as a New York Times bestseller, is finally going to hit the big screen September 21, 2012! With Stephen Chbosky (the writer of the famous novel) directing the film, the cinematic version of the film is sure to be everything that fans of the book could hope for. The project also involves some of the best actors known to Hollywood: Emma Watson as Sam, Ezra Miller as Patrick, and Logan Lerman as Charlie, which should also help the film do very well as anticipated.

This coming of age story is a time piece taking place in the 1990’s, and it deals with issues that reside with every teenager or young adult: what it means to love, what it means to feel a part of something, what it means to belong, what it means to live and love who you are. The fact that it deals with such universal issues has made the story so popular and it has even reportedly stopped some contemplating fans from committing suicide. But what also makes the story so popular (besides the fact that it can connect so well with audiences) is the fact that Stephen Chbosky wrote the story in a way only Stephen Chbosky could, with a specific style and rhythm and this translates on film. The way in which this story is told is something aspiring directors and filmmakers should pay particular attention to. Anyone can tell a story, he tells the story ridiculously well with his style as a director and writer.
Stephen Chbosky graduated from the University of Southern California in 1992 with a major in the school’s screenwriting program. His first break was in 1995 when his independent film—The Four Corners of Nowhere (a film he wrote, directed, and acted in) was accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. He is mostly known for The Perks of Being a Wallflower and his screenwriting for the film adaptation of Rent in 2005.

In a recent Q and A Chbosky admitted that he always knew he was going to create the cinematic portrait of the story, and his reason for waiting so long to create a feature from the novel which was published more than a decade ago, was because he was waiting for the right actors to really nail down the vision he had always had in mind. “When we did the very first read through and Emma hadn’t done her American accent publicly in front of anybody, she was so nervous, she was great but she was so nervous, and I feel like just you know she was thinking a lot and the three of us (Chbosky, Miller, and Lerman) rallied around her, and from that moment, Ezra became her big brother, it was so beautiful, and Logan became her support…and to watch these guys and the trust it was really like an instant family…often I have been asked why did I wait as long as I waited to adapt it and I waited because of these three.” — (Chobsky, Ustream interview)

It seems as if Chbosky had his vision and he wanted to tune that vision down to the T, which in part is what makes his work so sensational. When working with the musical score for the film’s tunnel scene he played the scene to about 250 songs until he found the perfect spark. When trying to prep the actors for the scene he had them listen to Happiness by Rice Boy Sleeps. But the final chosen song that ignited it for Chbosky was Heroes by David Bowie.

When asked, “What makes you feel infinite?” in a recent Ustream interview, Miller replied, “Whatever makes anyone feel not infinite, please abolish it and get away from it because you are.”

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