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Tony Scott: Timeless Artist

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Tony Scott was a pioneer in many ways. Beginning his artistic career as a painter, and helping his elder brother Ridley Scott make his first film- this visionary artist created some of the most monumental moments in cinema.

After creating his first feature film “The Hunger,” Tony joined his brother Ridley’s commercial production company. This is was at a time when just a few directors were making the leap from commercial projects to careers in feature films. After creating a Saab auto commercial, depicting a jet chasing after a car- Tony Scott was offered his ultimate calling card, a little film called TOP GUN.


As Tony Scott’s career blossomed, he was able to capture a unique tone with all of his films, while keeping collaborations with high caliber talent. Namely: Denzel Washington, who starred in many of Tony’s films.


Tony was also a risk-taker, he directed True Romance- a script penned and sold by none other than Quentin Tarantino. After Tarantino sold the script, it ended up being the seed money to make Reservoir Dogs, which would later launch QT into the stratosphere as one of the most visionary directors of our time: right up there with Scott himself.

At a time when films are being distributed online, brick & mortar, and theatrically- Tony Scott will always stand out to me as a director who created a visceral experience no matter where his films are being screened. And for me, that makes him a timeless artist.

Written by Sam Kelly, Jr. – NFFTY Programming & Outreach Manager

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