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YouTube: The New MTV?

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According to a recent article on CNN Tech, Youtube is now the most popular way teens listen to music, with 64% saying they use it for music. But Youtube is primarily a video site, so why is it the most popular way now to discover new music or listen to music?

For a lot of avid searchers, who use google to learn any piece of information quickly, YouTube offers instant multimedia after your first search. Lots of these videos are just a song associated with still images: album cover art, photo montages of band members/musicians. There is also a lot of transmedia art: remixes, mashups, projects that take a lt of time for anyone to assemble. Perhaps this is the infancy of what the best of the young new-media artists finding their voice. After all, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Today there is a new “creative class” of new media artists all converging on Youtube, incredible collaborations are going to happen naturally and freely. These collaborations are what make Youtube the most popular for listening to music and discovering new music these days. New stuff is being uploaded every second, videos and songs are going viral every second, and the ubiquity of the internet and Youtube make it incredibly easy to discover something new for yourself and allow the artists to be discovered themselves.


One of the best examples of this trend would be one of Youtube’s biggest dynamic duo, Devin Graham (aka Devinsupertramp) and Lindsey Stirling. Devin had been an up and coming filmmaker on Youtube, already reaching extreme popularity. But at the same time Lindsey was struggling to find a following for her new wave violin music (dubstep violin anyone?) She even struggled on America’s Got Talent. However, once the two found each other and produced an incredible music video for her song “Crystallize” (an electronic dubstep violin single) did her popularity and career shoot off incredibly fast.

People discovered her music because the video virality that Youtube provided it. Youtube is a video site, but teens are finding new and great music because of the music that accompanies films on there or from music video collaborations like the one between Devin and Lindsey. When a user finds a song they like on a Youtube video, they’ll search it on Youtube to find more videos that use it or more songs by that artist or music that is similar to it. The current generation likes to have control of their entertainment. So discovering and listening to music on Youtube (especially when they use the ‘make your own playlist’ feature) allows them to control they musical entertainment. YouTube offers a very public splace that allows filmmakers and music artists to connect and collaborate like they never could before. Stay tuned, and you’ll discover some amazing talent.

Written by Eric Schofhauser & Sam Kelly – NFFTY Team

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