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Ashton Kennedy

Vigilance – Film of the Month

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Ashton Kennedy recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University, and took some time to do a Skype interview with us.  Her film “Vigilance,” shot beautifully on 16mm film screened at NFFTY 2011.  Here’s our interview with Ashton, check it out and watch her film on the Vimeo stream below!

4 thoughts on “Vigilance – Film of the Month

  1. WOW! Ashton, you came up with a great story and ran the entire 100 yards for a Winning Film.

    Truly a frustrated detective’s end of the rainbow pot o’ gold. But at what price? Caught in the act and not provided this nation’s almighty rights for a fair, drug-out, and costly defense; then again, one must love the speedy trial!

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