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Fan Letter: NFFTY Changes Lives

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As NFFTY fans and alumni, you all know what an amazing, fun and special event the Festival is. But you may not realize how NFFTY is improving the lives of young filmmakers in bigger ways, by giving them a voice, a community, and an outlet for their creativity.

After last year’s Festival, the mother of a filmmaker being bullied at school emailed us to share what NFFTY meant to her son:

“…After attending NFFTY his confidence grew even more and he continues to film. Because of his involvement in NFFTY and the incredible support network and respect he experienced there, he has learned new tools to cope. He had threatened suicide in the past and was depressed. I can honestly say that filmmaking and especially NFFTY saved this kid’s life and gave him a purpose and vision for the future…”

“…The contact that he had with Jesse and other filmmakers was so encouraging and he realized that his middle school life and these class mates are so small and insignificant in the realm of life that he is now focused on the future and on his career with film making.”



Emails like this make us all proud of what NFFTY has accomplished over the past six years.  However our challenges to sustain NFFTY as an organization are still very present and we need your help to ensure NFFTY 2013 happens.

With the holiday season approaching, we’re asking our loyal supporters to keep NFFTY in their thoughts as they plan their end-of-year giving. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, individual contributions are an essential part of our organization’s funding, as NFFTY’s ticket revenue and sponsorships alone aren’t enough to keep the organization running. And if your employer also has a employee/retiree giving match, like Microsoft’s or Boeing’s, your $50 donation translates into $100 for NFFTY.

Help us give a platform, support and encouragement to the next generation of storytellers, change-makers, and passionate youth.  We can’t do this without you!

Jesse Harris, Founder NFFTY
Owen Davies, Executive Director
Lindsey Johnson, Managing Director
NFFTY Board of Directors


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