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vitaminwater presents action sports

vitaminwater sponsoring Action Sports category at NFFTY 2012

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With NFFTY 2012 receiving more submissions than ever before you’re sure to be wowed when you watch Action Sports at NFFTY 2012. The support of vitaminwater shows the value of what young filmmakers truly achieve when capturing extreme sports: a thrilling experience meant to be shared on the big-screen.

I love the experience of watching a movie in the theater. For filmmakers it’s a time to hear the audience react: the laughs for comedy, the still-silence for drama, or the classic “scare” in a horror film.

No where do you get to hear more “ooo’s” and “ahhs” than the NFFTY Action Sports screening. Films in this category bring the excitement straight to the audience, showcasing immense talent in extreme sports across the globe. Soaring through the skies before landing on the white snow-oasis of a mountain, defying gravity on a vert ramp with a skateboard, bobbing & weaving wooded parks on a mountain bike- it’s a very special experience to watch Action Sports in a theater. The support of vitaminwater only means more exposure for these great filmmakers, and the athletes they see through the lens.

Written by Sam Kelly, NFFTY Programming & Outreach Manager

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  1. 2011 – 110m hurdles
    South African schools champions
    South African youth&junior champion with a national record in the heat of 13,71 and winning the final with 13,96.
    Represented South Africa at the African junior championship and won a sliver medal.
    Ranked number one in Africa and listed in the world junior rankings.
    Best times 13,71 national record in April 2011 – 13,83 13,98 in Much 2011 – 14,03 14,06 in February 2011.
    Summer sports star of the year & Sports man of the year at school(HTS Louis Botha), SuperSport sports star of the month(October) all in 2011.

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