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NFFTY 2011: 225 Films. 4 Days. 30 States. 15 Countries.

Youth Film Festival Releases 2011 Program

(Seattle, WA, March 8, 2011)  The National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) released its 2011 festival schedule today featuring 225 films along with filmmaking panels and parties, to be held April 28 – May 1st in Seattle.  NFFTY received nearly 700 submissions; almost double the number from the previous year.  This year’s festival is projected to have 10,000 attendees, including more than 150 visiting youth filmmakers from across the world as well as film industry executives.

This year’s festival theme is “United By Film, Future By NFFTY” to demonstrate how everyone is brought together by film and that the future of film will be seen at NFFTY. NFFTY offers something for everyone; there are programs featuring films from all genres including drama, horror, kid friendly, animation, music videos, experimental, action sports and more. NFFTY will feature films from over 15 countries and 30 states, 40% of them directed by young women; a staggeringly higher percentage than traditional Hollywood.  Closing Night of the festival will be dedicated to local filmmakers featuring the best from the Northwest.

Kicking off the festival is “Opening Night at Cinerama” directly followed by an after-party at the Space Needle.  “This year’s festival is going to be better than ever.  Opening Night is not-to-be missed as not only are the films amazing, but the Gala at the Space Needle will be the party of the year!” states Jesse Harris, Executive Director.

NFFTY 2011 presenting sponsors are: Volvo Cars of North America, Bing, Nike 6.0, and Festival passes, Opening Night Gala tickets and individual screening tickets are available now online at


Presented by Volvo Cars of North America

VIP PASS – $69 ($59 THRU APRIL 15)
Includes access to Opening Night Gala, all other film screenings, panels and special events.

Includes access to all film screenings and panels Friday-Sunday of the festival. Does not include Opening Night.

Includes access to all film screenings and panels for one day of the festival. Pick Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

INDIVIDUAL TICKETS (screenings & panels)
General Admission Tickets $10
Kids 12 And Under $5


Opening Night presented by Volvo Cars of North America
Lights…cameras… and red carpet! Get a VIP arrival at Seattle’s iconic CINERAMA Theater to start off NFFTY 2011. Enjoy 6 outstanding short films, then head to the SPACE NEEDLE for a not-to-be-missed gala presented by Volvo Cars of North America. Mingle with Seattle’s finest, Hollywood industry and the young filmmakers of NFFTY 2011. Includes roundtrip shuttle service between Cinerama and the Space Needle. After party is an all-ages event with hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar.


Filmmaking Panels –
Sharing Your Vision in the Digital Age, Storytelling: My Way

Description and panelists – to be announced.

NFFTY Happy Hour
Leave work early and take a laugh off. Enjoy an afternoon of hilarious short films and a beer on us for those 21 or older! All Ages welcome.

Friday Night Shorts
Don’t waste your time on Friday’s B-grade blockbuster. Tonight you can see 9 fantastic shorts you’ll never forget.

Late Night Comedy presented by
Presented by Comedy Central’s, this show is full of laugh-out-loud innuendos and below-the-belt taboo. A guaranteed side-sore. Not recommended for children under 13.

Late Night Adrenaline

Hold onto your seats and prepare for the unexpected. This collection of suspense thrillers is sure to accelerate adrenaline and make you jump. Best for 13 and older.


Bring The Kids

…and the neighbors too! The whole crew can agree that these youth-made films celebrate the young-at-heart.

The Human Condition

Curiosity of the senses, quest for purpose, and emotional battles between hope and fear are all inherent to being human. Embrace imagination and wonder through these powerful short films.

Through My Eyes

Raw, personal stories of love and war, life and death, and circumstances beyond our control.


A dynamic assembly created through computer-generated, hand-drawn, clay, stop-motion and alternative animation.


Talented filmmakers + talented musicians = killer music videos. Watch and listen as great shots and beats collide.

Afternoon Eclectic

For lovers of all genres: adventure, drama, fantasy, suspense… The characters of these stories are given tough choices and forced to make fate-changing decisions.

Experimental Cinema

Through individual discovery, these films push the boundaries of filmmaking as we know it. Open your eyes to a never-before-seen world of unique entertainment.

United by Film: International Showcase

Discover the vibrant talent spread way beyond our geographic boundaries. We’ll show you the world. Don’t miss out!

Centerpiece Shorts

The future is here. NFFTY’s prided Centerpiece premieres the best of the best by names you’ll be sure to see again.

Action Sports/48 Hour Film Off presented by Nike 6.0

Presented by Nike 6.0, the best under-5-minute films featuring riders and boarders shredding snow, thrashing waves, and grinding street. Watch the craziest stunts filmed in the most extreme environments.

On the Edge of Your Seat

Want another dose of suspense? If you missed Friday’s Late Night Adrenaline, be sure to check out this bunch of horror thrillers. We’ll try not to give you nightmares, but we might.


Love & Coffee

Drink some free drip and snuggle with your sweetheart for these not-just-for-chicks flicks.

Real Life: Documentaries

The only thing more compelling than a great story is when it comes from real life. We’ve selected personal stories that are sure to touch your heart and stimulate your mind.

Random Acts

Not all gifts can be held in your hand. These characters find themselves on a bumpy road to self-discovery, and that help from the unlikeliest of places can make all the difference.


Grow your own food or find out how to get your un-driver’s license. Environmental and social justice issues are brought to light through these films motivating awareness and positive change.

Double Feature: Sight & Rhythm
Gain new perspective from these mini features that appeal to the heights of the senses. First, set your eyes on Emily, a blind teenager who miraculously regains her sight. Then, feel the music with Jonas as he tries to save his relationship by learning how to dance.

Made to Inspire

Up-beat films that will spark your ambitions and stir your soul. You’re guaranteed to leave smiling.

Life as We Know It

It’s impossible to escape some of the quirks and bends we face in the game of life. See how these characters deal with the cards they are given and what becomes of their chances.

Closing Night: NW Scene

Organic, locally grown and enriched by artistic culture, these Northwest filmmakers will bring NFFTY 2011 to end with style.


NFFTY (National Film Festival for Talented Youth) NFFTY is the largest and most influential film festival for young filmmakers (age 22 and under). NFFTY occurs each spring in Seattle, Washington and includes up to 200 film screenings, filmmaking panels, film contests, parties, and opportunities for young filmmakers to network with industry professionals and each other. Young filmmakers from around the world submit feature-length and short films in narrative, documentary, animation, music video, experimental, and action sport categories.  More than 10,000 film fans are expected at NFFTY 2011, April 28-May 1.

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