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Air Cannons, Lighting Techniques, and other awesome Tutorials

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Indie Filmmaking is all about resources, and we are living in a time where the amount of content to help filmmakers is exponentially growing.  I often find that the most helpful tutorials online don’t come from websites by the manufacturer, but from hands-on filmmakers who are already taking steps to harness and tame new techniques and technologies.

The Underwater Realm is an amazing sci-fi/fantasy project currently making moves to produce a series of short films, followed by an epic franchise of feature-length films. As a part of the pre-production/crowd funding strategy the production team behind the film has released some amazing tutorials for indie filmmakers, and have multiple packages for kickstarter donors that include custom-made gear!

I had to share these because they give great information, packed with style and substance.

Written by Sam Kelly, NFFTY Programming & Outreach Manager

More about the Film:
Twitter: @UnderWaterRealm


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