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How to Pitch a TV Show

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How do you pitch a TV show and what should you prepare?

Tim Gibbons, award-winning television and film Producer, Director and Writer, is Executive Producer of HBO’s comedy “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.  During his career, he’s won a Golden Globe, two Producers Guild of America’s Danny Thomas Producer of the Year awards, two DGA awards, the Monte-Carlo Television Festival’s Outstanding Producer of the Year—Comedy, and has been nominated for five primetime Emmys for Best Comedy.

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5 thoughts on “How to Pitch a TV Show

  1. i have a tv show idea im trying to have pitch cant seem to find anyone its really good and could not only be the gold mine everyone wanna see but be the next step in television enternatiment every where

  2. Thank you for the information. I’m a geezer (what’s the female for geezer? ) But I have an idea that I’d like to put together, and would love to see what a package looks like…log line, pitch, etc. If you have an idea, and have the time to send it on, I’d love to know where I could view a sample.


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