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Red Giant, an Exhibitor to Watch at the Future of Film Expo!

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Written by Eric Schofhauser, NFFTY Intern

You’ll definitely want to stop by the Red Giant booth at the Future of Film Expo.  Their color correction software is being applied to Cinestyle DSLRs and major productions worldwide.  I got a chance to catch-up with Seth Worley and Aharon Rabinowitz, two hard working filmmakers that created the viral short-film/product demo for Quicklooks.

As a part of their presence at NFFTY & the Future of Film Expo, Red Giant is offering Quickooks FREE to download <—check it out!

Plot Device is a new short film from director Seth Worley and composer Ben Worley, produced by Red Giant for promotion of the new Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 11. If you don’t know what the Magic Bullet Suite is, it’s a suite of software designed to produce ‘professional Hollywood-style results on an indie budget.’ It’s a package of nine different programs help you create specialized, stylized color schemes and visual effects to create a captivating final look that perfectly tells your story.

Watch Plot Device:

Listen to our interview with the filmmakers:

It seems cliché to say that each film genre would have its own color scheme, but it’s a cliché that works because color grading has such an impact on the feeling and emotion of a film. Plot Device also showcases Red Giants visual effects software, i.e. Trapcode Particular and Knoll Factory. These programs were used to create the flares, explosions, energy bursts and compositing seen prominently in the sci-fi segment of the film. The Magic Bullet Suite 11 is an amazing product, and it helped create an amazing and fun short film.  Now get out there and unleash your own cinema tour-de-force!

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