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It’s Thanksgiving; let the movies fill your night.

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So it’s Thanksgiving and you are waiting for that great big turkey to be roasted in the oven while the rest of America is out queuing outside the stores waiting for doors to be opened.

Bored? Why not put on some movies and enjoy a short family bonding time over these great movies that you might have missed, or watch it for the 10th time and still laugh upon the same gags.

Here’s the NFFTY staff pick for your holidays! Bucker up and get your butterbeer ready!

Hannah and Her Sisters by Woody Allen

A classic Thanksgiving movie recommended by our Managing Director, Stefanie. The story begins and ends at Thanksgiving parties hosted by Hannah and her husband, Elliot, over a period of 24 months. With each Thanksgiving, we see the entanglement of relationship between Hannah, Elliot and her sisters, Lee and Holly.

Little Miss Sunshine by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

There’s no better time to reflect upon family ties than Thanksgiving, and doing so while watching Little Miss Sunshine might give you a different perspective of the whole idea of family. A light-hearted comedy that explores how vastly different characters come together to achieve a common goal and in the process, discover what it means to be a true family. This is definitely the perfect film to watch together as a family.

A Simple Life by Ann Hui 

One of the most notable Hong Kong film in recent times, this film bagged many international accolades, with Director Ann Hui sweeping Best Director Award in various film festivals and both leads, Andy Lau and Deanie Ip claiming numerous Best Lead Awards.

The film explores relations between Ah Tao, a long-term family servant of film producer, Roger’s family, and Roger. The two share deep bond as Ah Tao plays a crucial role in bringing up Roger. Despite Roger’s busy schedule, he places Ah Tao as his priority and tries his best to help her breeze through her last years as she suffered a stroke attack, which greatly weakened her body.

A heartwarming story that is pulls audiences’ heartstrings, this movie is a must watch.

Chronicle of my Mother by Masato Harada 

Based on a true story by Yasushi Inoue, the film recounts about a mother’s love for her son, despite losing her senility.  After 50 years, the lead character finds out about his mother’s love for him and that he might have misunderstood about his mother. He spent her last years as they rekindled their relationship.

Aesthetically wonderful and definitely bound to stir your emotions, this Thanksgiving would be so much different.

Still Walking by Hirokazu Koreeda 

15 years ago, a young man Junpei was drowned while trying to rescue a boy. Since then, the Yokoyama family come together to reminisce on their loss every year on his death anniversary. As they do, members of the family talk about their lives and shared their stories, which then helped form new bonds between them.

Make use of this Thanksgiving to show appreciation to your family and loved ones. Let these movies inspire you and rekindle your love for your family.

NFFTY staffs wish you Happy Thanksgiving!

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