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Filmmaking Tips From Ilona Rossman Ho

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We were honored to have Ilona Rossman Ho, Interim Executive Director of Reel Grrls, participate in the filmmaker Speed Networking event at NFFTY 2014. She sat down with groups of filmmakers to share her best advice. Today, we are happy to share a handful of those tips on making films with all of you.

Here are Ilona’s top five pieces of advice:

1. Create a safe space for actors. Listen to their character ideas, be co-creators.

2. Finish your film. It’s ok if it’s not perfect, now’s the time to make mistakes and learn.

3. Don’t stereotype female characters. Does your screenplay pass the Bechdel test?

4. Network with other filmmakers. Come to Women in Film/Seattle on the second Tuesday of every month at Northwest Film Forum (men invited too).

5. Work with great people and be great to work with. Show up. Collaborate. Deliver what you promise.

Feeling inspired? Get out there and make that film!

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