Filmmakers FAQ

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What do I do once I get there? Please download our NFFTY 2018 Filmmaker Logistics Guide. It will be your go-to manual for the festival.

How do you pronounce NFFTY? “Nifty,” as in excellent, substantial, attractively smart.

How many Filmmaker Passes do I get? One free pass per film or NFFTY filmmaker, whichever is less. Filmmaker Passes are only for NFFTY filmmakers and they bring you special recognition and perks – access to all NFFTY screenings and parties, including exclusive filmmaker-only events. Filmmaker Passes are not transferable, which means that if you have more than one film in NFFTY, you cannot give your “extra” Filmmaker Pass to someone else. Additional Filmmaker Passes may be purchased – no more than four.

How do I get a Filmmaker Pass? A survey will be emailed in the days after your acceptance email. Please fill this out with the names of the filmmakers needing passes, both the free one and any additional purchased ones. We will then follow up with a link for where you can redeem your pass. If you are attending Opening Night you can pick your Filmmaker Pass up on October 25th at the Mediterranean Inn from 11 AM – 4 PM or at other opening night venues the rest of the evening. After that, they can be picked up on other days at the SIFF Cinema Uptown Will Call.

Who produces NFFTY? NFFTY is a program of The Talented Youth, a socially responsible 501c3 nonprofit developed in 2007 by three young filmmakers who decided to create an organization that would develop networking and promotional opportunities for young filmmakers.

Who are all those people I’ve been getting emails and phone calls from? Most people find it amazing that we can pull off a festival the size of NFFTY with such quality, professionalism, and limited staff:

Kyle Seago – Managing Director & Co-Founder
Dan Hudson – Festival Manager
Netsanet Tjirongo – NFFTYX Program Manager
Amy Williams – Festival Coordinator

Where does NFFTY take place? NFFTY 2018 & NFFTYX takes place at SIFF Cinema UptownMOHAI, The Vera Project, Nesholm Family Lecture Hall & McCaw Hall Lobby, and other venues in and around Seattle Center, north of Seattle's Downtown. The Mediterranean Inn is located directly across the street from the Uptown Cinema. The Maxwell Hotel is in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood, just north of Seattle Center.

What kind of food is there near the festival and hotel? There are dozens of fast food, ethnic, and fine dining restaurants all within a few blocks of all NFFTY events. There are also two large grocery stores. Metropolitan Market is the closest grocery store, equidistant from both NFFTY 2018 Partner Hotels.

What should I wear for the Opening Night Gala? This is our flashiest night so look your best – but no need to go overboard. It is a nice event, but Seattle is a casual city. No matter what, you will fit in.

Are there awards or prizes? There are Jury awards for each film category, Audience Awards for each screening, and awards for “most promising filmmaker” for three age categories. We also present an award for an emerging female filmmaker as part of a larger effort to address gender inequality in film. Winners receive a plaque, but there are no cash prizes as we try to emphasize that every filmmaker who is accepted into NFFTY is a winner. In truth, the greatest prize of all is getting to attend, screen your film, and network. It sounds corny, but it is true.

Should I bring postcards or posters for my film? Only if you want, but there isn’t really space for posters. Postcards can be placed in the SIFF Cinema Uptown lobby or handed out on Opening Night.

Who do I contact with additional questions? Please try to limit phone calls to our office to critical questions or emergencies, and we promise we will get back to you via email promptly.