June 8, 2017

The New Europeans

The European refugee crisis was at its highest in August 2015. Three young Danes travel to the island of Lesbos to meet the refugees as they arrive. 

THE NEW EUROPEANS screened at NFFTY 2017 in the Human Race Screening and took home the Audience Award. 


From left to right: Peter Martin Kappel, Aske Salling and Johannes Skov Andersen. 

From left to right: Peter Martin Kappel, Aske Salling and Johannes Skov Andersen. 

The film is directed by Johannes Skov Andersen and Aske Salling. Johannes is a former student at Station Next and founder of the youth media project UP – Ungdomsproduktion. Aske is began as videographer and journalist in UP back in 2013. 

A Brief Interview with Aske and Joahnnes: 

Why did you decide to make this film?

This is a film about the most important political topic for many year. It is not just a story about refugees – It is a story of how the globalisation looks from a distance and how it feels when it comes close. Aske and I (Johannes) sat on a café discussing how to cover the refugee crisis from a perspective that is relatable for young people. All of a sudden we came up with the idea of bringing our good friend Peter down there to experience the crisis on close hold. Instead of talking about how much 3000 people a day costs the European Union, we would like to meet the 3000 people – and we did. 

What was your favorite part about making it?

Being on the island of Lesbos was a really intense experience. In-between the dramatic scenes of refugees arriving, we had a great time with the volunteers and the young refugees. Despite that, it was such a pleasure to work with our extremely talented composer and sound designer Carl Gustav Nordentoft (soundcloud.com/cgnordentoft), who started composing even before we went to the island – and did not finish until the final cut was made. 

What are you working on now?

We are currently editing a documentary about the american society. Besides that we have a lot of other documentary projects in the idea fase we hope starts shooting soon. 


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