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"Narrowing down over 1,400 films into a festival lineup of 257 is hard enough, but picking a favorite 5 is nearly impossible. These 5 films hit me the hardest - they made me cry, taught me about life, and made me proud to be able to showcase such incredible talent at the festival this year. You can’t go wrong with any screening or event at NFFTY 2018, but if you’re only able to catch a few things I suggest you dive into these!"


Stories Of Us
Nina Vallado - 22 | Washington

"I’ve never seen a doc as honest and unflinching as Sisterly. Nina paints a beautiful, heart-wrenching portrait of her sister that leaves you in awe of the strength of the human sprit.”


presented by Seagate
Kevin Klauber - NFFTY ‘08 Alum
”Academy-Award winning editor Kevin Klauber will blow your editorial mind with his insights into documentary story structure and crafting compelling narratives. If you’re a storyteller of any kind, you don’t want to miss this!”

3,000 MILES
Closing Night: New American Dreams
Sean Wang - 22 | New York

"Sean is a master of funneling down life’s moments of transformation into powerful portraits and this short experimental doc is no exception. Touching on themes of family, growing up, and cultural norms, he strikes a deep chord that leaves you feeling inspired and sentimental.”

Outta This World
Mauritz Brekke Solberg Daniel Fure Schwarz - 24 | Norway
“Better than any Black Mirror episode, this intense drama imagines a future where prospective parents have to prove their merit in a trial run. I’d classify this as a horror film because the themes and ending feel not to far off from the world we live in.”

Vital Voices
Lea Rodbarry, 21 | Illinois

Lea’s somewhat-dystopian narrative hasn’t left me since I first screened it. The film illuminates a current political issue so clearly and poignantly that it feels more real than any other inconvenient truth our country is currently facing.”