Managing Director | Job Description

The National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) is a media arts nonprofit based in Seattle, Washington.  Its mission is to encourage young media artists by promoting their accomplishments through programs that celebrate their talent. We constantly seek ways to expand networking for young artists and opportunities to promote their work.  Our flagship program is NFFTY, the world’s largest youth film festival, annually screening over 250 films by filmmakers 25 years old and younger to audiences of more than 10,000.  Increasingly we are engaged with working with corporate sponsors to develop projects and original content in collaboration with NFFTY filmmakers to enhance brands and storytelling. NFFTY serves as an educational resource for young filmmakers, providing workshops, resources, and collaborative opportunities year-round. In 2017, NFFTY produced a landmark VR event - the first of its kind at a youth film festival.

The Managing Director is the face of the organization, curating and shaping the annual festival, building and maintaining strong relationships with the rest of the film arts community, the commercial film industry, diverse community groups, funders and sponsors.

The Managing Director plays a critical role in shaping and maintaining the culture and identity of the organization, acting as spokesperson both internally and to the community and world at large. The role goes beyond that of a festival organizer; the managing director serves as a mentor to young filmmakers from around the world.

The annual 4-day festival is the largest program of the organization and the biggest imprint the Managing Director will leave on the community. The opportunity to connect with young filmmakers from around the world is unparalleled at any other film festival. The Managing Director serves as a creative, operational and visionary lead for the organization, carrying on past deeply-rooted traditions and structures and modernizing them to fit the current needs of filmmakers looking to enter the industry.

The Managing Director must operate through an equity lens and be an engaged and informed member of the arts community in Seattle and beyond. NFFTY is known and carries a reputation as a diverse, inclusive hub of creativity and youth empowerment. Programs like our Women in Film initiative and annual screenings supporting LGBTIQ filmmakers and filmmakers of color are hallmarks of the organization and will be built upon as NFFTY looks to the future.


  • Social Entrepreneur.  You want to make enough money to do more than simply survive, but you also need to be doing work that makes the world a better place.
  • Numbers Don’t Frighten You.  You thoughtfully consider the bottom line while maintaining a solid focus on organizational goals.  You know how to develop a realistic budget for a project. You can interpret a Profit and Loss Statement and are familiar with nonprofit accounting, or willing to learn about it.
  • Hands On.  You are not an executive who enjoys sitting behind a desk and delegating.  Rather, you prefer getting involved with day-to-day tasks, and sincerely believe that being directly involved is the best way to understand, develop and run an organization.
  • Collaborative.  You own your responsibilities, but also work effectively as a part of a team.  Your communication style is to be honest and direct about what you think. If you say you’ll do something, you do it.
  • Creative.  You consider yourself good at coming up with new ideas and solutions.  You get excited about brainstorming and generating ways to consistently push the envelope.  You are confident and capable of  figuring out how to do something if you don’t know how to do it.  You’re not intimidated by out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Organized.  You can multi-task and keep track of many things at once.  You diligently keep up with emails and phone calls.  You are detail and results oriented.
  • Personality.  People tend to remember you favorably once they’ve met you. You enjoy meeting people and making connections.  You know how to listen and value other people’s perspectives when making decisions.
  • The Ask. You’ve had experience writing grants or business proposals. You can speak in front of groups as well as make a personal connection with people one-on-one.  You don’t mind picking up the phone to call someone with a request and/or opportunity.  You know how to close a sale and get agreement at the end of a meeting.
  • Into Film.  You have a working knowledge of film production or go to movies, watch TV, read books, and attend film festivals.  A good film or story affects you emotionally.


  • Oversee operational aspects of organization including staff, film festival, and other organizational programs
  • Ensure that sufficient sponsorships, earned revenue, grants, and donations are secured to meet the organization’s expenses
  • Provide financial oversight, including budget preparation and monitoring
  • Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with NFFTY’s policies and applicable laws.
  • Work closely with the board to develop new year-round initiatives and revenue sources
  • Work collaboratively with the board to ensure that the organization has a strategic direction which achieves its mission, and toward which it makes consistent and timely progress.
  • Manage relationships and deliverables for sponsorships and content deals
  • Manage organization’s presence in the community and build new opportunities and partnerships
  • Liaison with Board president and Board committees
  • High level festival operational duties, delegate other duties to Festival Manager
  • Create or oversee all correspondence and other communications relating to NFFTY’s grant seeking, fundraising, Board meetings, and community outreach
  • Ensure that job descriptions are developed, regular performance evaluations are held, and sound human resource practices are in place
  • Oversee the organization’s marketing & PR efforts, including maintaining social media presence
  • Encourage staff and volunteer development and education, and assist program staff in relating their specialized work to the total program of the organization.
  • Maintain organizational records, ensure that all financial and personnel records are kept confidential, file all required legal documentation.


  • A strong record of leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Strong experience with project management and/or event production
  • Solid organizational and administrative experience including management of staff and budget
  • Financial management experience including preparation of budgets, cash flow projections, and financial statement analysis
  • Ability to write concise and coherent reports, passionate and creative pitches, basic contracts, grant applications, and correspondence
  • Film production and/or exhibition experience and/or understanding
  • Proof of new media, digital distribution experience and/or understanding
  • Strong computer skills including knowledge of generally used programs and technology
  • Experience with QuickBooks or nonprofit accounting
  • Ability to work with no supervision and yet be compatible within a team environment
  • Able to manage multiple tasks and maintain a sense of humor within a deadline-oriented and often stressful environment
  • Ability to speak clearly to employees, the Board, grantors, funders, sponsors, vendors, press, and the public
  • Experience in nonprofit fundraising including government grant funding, annual giving, foundation support, and corporate giving
  • Exhibited political savvy, tact, and diplomacy
  • Ability to recognize trends and keep the organization flexible and responsive to new opportunities or requirements
  • Ability to engage with and relate to the many needs of filmmakers aged 9-24 that make up the NFFTY community

To Apply:

Applicants must submit via email:

1) A detailed letter of introduction describing how applicant’s experience, knowledge and skills match the identified skill set, responsibilities and experience.

2) Current resume.

3) At least three professional references with telephone numbers.  

Send your Word or PDF format documents as attachments to: with “Managing Director Application” in the subject line of your email.