May 3, 2018




NFFTY/The Talented Youth is excited to introduce Kyle Seago, co-founder and former Board President, as Managing Director effective May 2018. 

Kyle was one of the original co-founders of NFFTY and has served in several positions over the years, including leading programming for the organization since 2014. He was most recently serving as Board President from 2017-2018. He will continue to lead programming for the 2018 festival. 

As NFFTY builds towards its 12th annual festival in October 2018, Kyle will guide the organization forward and work to expand programs and partnerships with brands and organizations around the world. 

"NFFTY has been a vital part of my existence ever since the blueprints were laid out 12 years ago by Jesse Harris and Jocelyn RC" said Seago. 

"I've seen the organization grow over the years and grow its impact around the world. The NFFTY community now includes filmmakers from over 75 countries and almost every US state and filmmakers from an incredibly diverse range of backgrounds. The commitment of past leaders and longtime supporters such as Jesse, Jocelyn, Kathy Reichgerdt, Bud Harrington, Donna Brown, P. Scott Cummins, Lindsey LeDuc and Stefanie Malone, among many others, cannot be understated. I am incredibly honored to be able to continue the work as NFFTY grows and evolves to meet the needs of emerging directors across the globe. As the organization enters its teenage years, its incredibly important that we focus our efforts on being inclusive and providing opportunities to elevate filmmakers from marginalized and underserved communities. This will be at forefront of any efforts we make to grow the festival and organization."


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