48th Annual Northwest Folklife Festival

NFFTY 2018 Showcase


Join us for NFFTY 2018 SHOWCASE as part of the 48TH ANNUAL NORTHWEST FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL at the Seattle Center.

May 27, 2019 | 12:45pm - 1:45pm
SIFF Film Center, Harrison St., Seattle, WA 98109
FREE & Open to the Public



Afloat by Kristina Mileska
Self-conscious of her homemade grape costume at school, a young girl decides to make a run for it and return home.
NFFTY 2018 Official Selection

Trejur by Thomas Kim
A modern woman remembers her wretched, toy-giving grandmother in this dark, fantasy animation.
NFFTY 2018 Official Selection and The New Talent Award (15-19) presented by Red Giant

Lost Time by Leo Pfeifer
After losing his time, a drummer must learn to reconnect with his love of playing.
NFFTY 2018 Official Selection

White Noise by Frida Perez
In need of extra cash, Dolores, a young black waitress, participates in a psychological study.
NFFTY 2018 Official Selection

Jörmundur by Jack Bushell
Jörmundur owns a vintage men’s clothing store in downtown Reykjavík, and is regarded as one of Iceland’s cultural figureheads. Follow him on a journey through the mythical Icelandic wilderness as he discusses science, faith, and the true power of being at one with nature. NFFTY 2018 Official Selection and Cinematic Journey Audience Award

La Visita by Gerardo Coello Escalante
A Mexican woman living undocumented in the United States learns the true value of being a good neighbor.
NFFTY 2018 Official Selection

Phú by Omeed Farsoni and Troy Charbonnet
Diagnosed with restricted growth birth defects, 62 year old Dinh Van Phú (Phú Dinh) struggles to overcome the adversities of his condition.
NFFTY 2018 Official Selection and Best Documentary Jury Award

Freedom by Ayaka Furukawa
Savannah sneaks out of her repressive town and meets Olive, who opens her eyes to the world around her. After that magical night Savannah decides to leave the town she's always known to be with someone she truly loves.
NFFTY 2018 Official Selection

E T A by Talia Shea Levin
E T A combines the languages of choreography, music, and film to tell the story of one woman’s journey to fight the urge to isolate herself and instead connect to those around her to build a community.
NFFTY 2018 Official Selection and Art in Motion Audience Award

3000 Miles by Sean Wang
On July 5th, 2016, I moved across the country to live and work in New York City for one year. This is a personal documentary of my year, chronicled by voicemails left by my mom.
NFFTY 2018 Official Selection and Closing Night: New American Dreams Audience Award

Dragon Inn 3 - Backstabber by Josh Pfaff
Summer of '92, Detective Shepard attempts to solve a string of missing teen cases in Springfield, Missouri. The only connection these cases have in common is Dragon Inn 3's cassette tape at every crime scene. While the town is in terror, National Audio Corporation seems to be celebrating a sudden spike in cassette sells.
NFFTY 2018 Official Selection and Best Music Video Jury Award