Why Attend NFFTY?

Get Some Attention

Filmmakers participate in Q+A following their film screening to receive valuable audience feedback and enjoy the glory of screening a film to an audience in a state-of-the-art theater. There will also be press at the festival, so filmmakers who attend may have opportunities to be interviewed. NFFTY does filming and photography too, so you will definitely get exposure on our website and leave with some great Facebook photos!

Filmmaking Panels

Our best piece of advice: attend every panel to take advantage of these opportunities to meet other people passionate about filmmaking and involved in the industry. This year we have some terrific industry talent joining us.


Take advantage of the opportunities NFFTY has for you to meet people. Don’t be shy; everyone at NFFTY is a filmmaker or a film-lover. There will be a special networking event for filmmakers and industry professionals on Friday. It will be set up like speed dating so that each filmmaker gets a chance to meet as many different people in the industry as possible. 

Films & Fun

The festival is above all, very fun. You can watch as many films as you could ever want -- there are over 250 films and more screenings than ever before! Support your fellow filmmakers and check out as many films as you can. Plus there is the Opening Night Gala with the after-party at Chop Suey! There will also be a Closing Night party on the Sunday night of the festival.

Distribute Business Cards / Reels

If you don’t already have business cards, print some with your computer or order them inexpensively online. Bring lots so you are prepared when you meet industry people and other filmmakers. You can bring DVD copies of your film or reel, but online reels work better, so include a website address for your reel on your business card.