Amy Williams 

Program manager

“I’m constantly blown away by the talent that NFFTY filmmakers possess. We’ll be screening over 38 glorious hours of films throughout the festival weekend - if you can’t possibly catch every minute, I’ve provided some highlights for you. Just like last year, these are the films that I screened and immediately wanted to watch over and over again.”


Powerful Grit
Lizz Marshall - 22 | California

“This film shook me to my core. Beautifully shot and full of incredible performances, I can’t wait to see what Lizz does next.”

Sarah Nocquet - 19 | New York
"Truly one of the most original and compelling shorts I’ve ever seen. I’m so excited to watch this one with an audience.”

Closing Night: Generation NOW
Giselle Bonilla - 23, Alex Hass - 22, Aqsa Altaf - 24, Jean Ng - 22 | California
"A satirical commentary on the oppressive influence of Catholicism on women, Giselle absolutely knocks it out of the park with this one. Masterfully directing AND starring in the film, I hope Giselle keeps telling stories like this one for a long time.

Existential Epics
Mocong Yuan - 22 | New York
"While this film deals with some sensitive and controversial subject matter, it’s a deeply peaceful, reflective, and understanding story. With stunning animation and a particularly effective sound design, this is an experience unlike any other.”

After Hours Absurdity
Christian Flashman - 22, Moss Perricone - 22, Zack Kawasaki - 22 | New York

"My true inspiration for the After Hours Absurdity screening, there is so much payoff packed into this ridiculous story. I’ve forced everyone in the office to watch it several times, and it’s definitely one of my favorite comedies in the fest this year.”